Topic: Price of Records @ Clone.

Doing the a bit of record shopping there and was pretty amazed at what a handful of record was costing out of Clone.

Was looking at buying four records or so, came to like 60 euro with VAT and Shipping.

Decided to look around and found better prices with VAT included and cheaper postage elsewhere.

Anyone else noticed a bit of an increase? I know shipping is capped at a certain level but I was getting postage of 20 euro from Clone, where I bought my record from it was capped at 10 euro.

More a rant than anything.

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Re: Price of Records @ Clone.

Shipping has become more expensive in The Netherlands. Used to be a lot cheaper.

Re: Price of Records @ Clone.

If you are located in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg or Germany you have free shipping with orders above 75euro. You can combine orders until you have reached that amount. I do this for years already. It sometimes takes months to reach that amount but it works really good for me.

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Re: Price of Records @ Clone.

Yeah, ye guys are probably right.

Just seemed to be a few records that elsewhere were like 15 euro and 19 at Clone.
In general their EPs are pretty reasonably priced.

I fear with postage rates I'm gonna be shopping elsewhere.

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Re: Price of Records @ Clone.

Shipping from the NL to the UK has always been expensive...not getting cheaper, dont think i've ordered from clone since the pound/euri exchange rate was much cheaper. Nothing i can't get from clone, that I can't get anywhere else..

But i mean simple comparisons over items like


same item at juno £15.50 = €19.82

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Re: Price of Records @ Clone.

Unfortunately, selling records is business. You have to pay taxes, salaries for your employees and other costs. Sometimes you have to raise prices to survive.

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