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up to the last days of Gemm it was possible to get expensive discogs records very cheap at Gemm ... sad that its gone ...

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Didn't buy anything there for years, or musicstack....discogs rules with an ironfist

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my first online purchases were from gemm, still remember both : easy going fear, egyptian lover - dance

great times ... and then those automat lp's from Argentina, which increased in price everytime i bought another copy haha 

must be late nineties if i remember correctly .. global darkness times wink

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kuczera wrote:

my first online purchases were from gemm

Same here

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I'ven been a Gemm seller for a couple of years and i bought a lot through them.

Some records were crazy expensive but some actal gemms were steals.
Their site was very confusing.. i think that's what killed them.
They needed a better web design.

Too bad hmm