Topic: [Berlin] Magic Waves x Humboldthain w/ Kasko live 19.11.2016

Kasko feat S.Stammburg *live (Freak Out Disko)
Lazercat (Bordello a Parigi)
Kilian Krings (Sign Bit Zero)
DJ Clap (Tissue / Dear)
Undermind (Humboldthain)
Naks (Vortex Traks)
Squish Kibosh (Parcel of Rogues)
Gareth Roberts (Domestic Exile)
Magic Waves and Humboldthain Club team up once again for a night of spaced out electro and disco.

Kasko feat. S. Stammburg *live [Freak Out Disko]

Kasko is a Finnish disco sensation from the Freak Out Disko label. Already in 2006 he gained recognition in the underground by climbing onto the CBS Top 100 with 'Kyberrakkautta' - a fenno disco cover version of Casco's Cybernetic Love, which also got played by Casco himself in his more recent DJ sets.

Kasko has a new album out featuring miss S. Stammburg on the vocals. The Best of Fenno Disco double LP features 8 hits such as 'Naamat' (Clio - Faces) and 'Kyberkissa' (Charlie - Spacer Woman). This is a rare chance to witness the duo perform their Finnish translations of 80s italo disco classics live!

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