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I used to just produce, but started djing more in the last year. I'm not bad at it technically (easy cdjs..) and good at selecting, but don't totally know what I'm doing tbh (self thought - no cdjs at home). I usually I try not to make reusable playlist or big genre type lists, but rather just pick a bunch of songs on the day before that I feel like playing, which works out fine, but I have a few questions..

So I know there are no fixed rules, but there are a few things I'm wondering about, like how much of a track do you guys usually play? I prefer more sparse beat track and I'm never quiet sure if I just playing them too long or if I'm just more hyperaware of time because I'm a bit nervous/attentive or just simply because I know the track. Since there is such a high amount of music coming out also wondering if people truly know all of the tracks they play inside out, because sometimes I try to mix in another record in the middle and then all of a sudden some sort of lead type sound that dropped out on the first track comes back and then I end up having multiple leads playing together which usually doesn't seem to sound too good, especially if you just fade the first one out again. Maybe I'm just making too long blends with music that isn't really berghain style techno..

Anyway! Since I never had anyone give me some sort of advice on this, I thought maybe I'm missing some obvious simple techniques. Bring on some tips smile

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I like to let the track play ussually, unless there is long build ups, like build ups so long people will stop dancing.. But it kinda depends.. You should always keep in mind you are probably djaying to a bunch of drunk people and they wont really remember whats going on either way.. Just try to make the women dance.. If the women dance then there is your party.. If you are playing a bunch of songs and its like guys just nodding their heads cuz they are nerds and kinda think the way you do, you kinda lost.. The best way to DJ is to make women want to dance and play tracks they like even if it is not so much your style.. Every DJ should be focused on pleasing the ladies.. If a dance party is just guys (and its not gay), and no women are dancing,  then you gotta think about what your doing

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These 'Art of Dj'ing' features are worth a read from Intergalactic Gary, Objekt, Function etc. … series=art

The real pro's do way more preparation than you'd think, and know their tracks key/tempos/transition points inside out...and while I don't think every single record in a 2hour set is planned, I think a lot work around sections of tracks that mix well and link those together. That is of course a generalization.

You could just get completely fucked up, trainwreck every mix and not give a long as im having fun big_smile

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....and impress the gals as Dade pointed out!  lol
I think knowing your records very well and how they fit is indeed the most preparation you can do. There are dj's who really prepare their set into details, but some also who have a strong focus on improvisation such as I-F. That is all a matter of tase in the end!


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^^ I would definitely agree electronome is a hott dj, although I think the magic waves session is better... … onome.html

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Nice & interessting topic! Let's continue the discussion...

Well, I am still a beginner in DJing and also because of my mixer, which is predestined for "smooth house transitions" I tend to do rather long transitions. I almost never touch the cross fader. There are just two problems:
Often, the two tracks drift apart during the transition (my correction skills are only "soso" - especially when I put down the headphones!!! hmm) 2nd problem: The music I like to play most (disco, italo (!!!), electro etc.) often only have very short breaks. Too short for long transitions. But as mentioned before, I think it depends on my mixer, which is not suitable for the usual "bass exchange" mixing method. I HAVE to change all frequencies very smooth, otherwise, they tend to overlap each others, which sometimes sounds horrible wink U know what I mean!?

Ok, here is a mix made by me, which shows my way of mixing and also the problems mentioned above: … -appetizer

And this is my mixer: wink
I bought him, cause I LOVE my High-Fi-produced italo, electro, disco etc. records (especially from the late 70s and early 80s have almost everytime GORGEOUS highfi sound). And I don't want to ruin the sound with the preamps of a bad mixer... For expample, I don't like the kinda "grey" and almost a bit "dirty" coloured sound of all ecler mixers. And of course I don't like the cheapy plastic sound of Pioneer mad Rodec and Rane, I didn't like the design. Alan&Heath? Hm, no opinion (although I used in a club several times). Formula Sound and Datec XTC are also interessting, but too expensive. And here in germany NOBODY uses Datec XTC, so I couldn't do a free trial and don't wanted to buy it "blind".... wink


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When to mix over imo its a little about if its a track that is okish but not your favorite and you have something more bang for the buck coming up, ofcourse you still need to know when that moment is so you need to know the track decently since it can equally well blow in your face if unprepared.

Experimenting with fade overs is enjoyable, some tracks can play well together a good time to make kind of a new song, but ofcourse, you need to know and propably have played them together before so you know they play well.

But what do I know really. I have hardly any listeners wink