Topic: songs that annoy you even though they're actually good/well-respected

Just wondering, are there any tracks which you somehow find annoying each time they show up in a mix? But are normally considered to be the "hot shit" or whatever?

I have three songs on my mind which I always wish I could skip whenever they are in a mix:
- Robot is systematic (it's in so many mixes I have and it seems to get played longer than others)
- Al-Naafiysh (I know it's a huge electro classic but if it was written today it would probably be considered boring, I'm sure tongue )
- The Chase (Theme from Midnight Express) (i have a few mixes where this is in and it's always played like 5 or 6 minutes and I really would love to skip it)

Do you have similar songs?

Re: songs that annoy you even though they're actually good/well-respected

you could make it a new challenge if you find a tune boring. Maybe try to focus on some particular instrument, eg drums, if Linn was used etc. Or what kind of emotion does this track involve in different parts of the track.
Some tracks are popular for a reason, they are extremly good. Personally though I try often to avoid tracks that are overly played, just because of that reason, but those tracks can be really good.

Atm I am very much in to italo since I had a break and listened to alot of different music for a long time. Now all tracks are kinda fresh for me, so I enjoy mostly all. Even the odd ones smile

It is kinda interesting question though. It has crossed my mind couple times how an artist can perform same track so many times and always showing same comitment for the track. I bet they also get happy when people enjoy there music and motivates them to perform well even though they done it several hundred times.