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Slabs 184 - KEMAL (Berceuse Heroique) - "This one is for the dudes" mix


http://www.slabsofthetabernacle.com/201 … -dudes-mix


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Slabs 185 - Cat Mix For The Dog Channel


Mix recorded for DABJ Radio on IFM


Herron – 33 Weeks
Miss Lie – Paranoia
Inner Cosm – Stringed
VC-118A – Doppler
Jeremiah R. – Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit
Revelation – First Power (Domination Dub)
Never On Sunday – Urban Rains
Mark Forshaw – Where Did You Go
Mike Parker – Modulation Cave 1
IL.EK.TRO – Threads Part Two
Head Front Panel #008
Head Front Panel #009
Kvaser – Botz Wana
Daniel Andréasson – Ble3
Gene Hunt – Freddy’s Dead
Bam Bam – Where’s Your Child?
Andreas Gehm – Fade To Spring
Marco Bernardi – Catman’s Going To Get You
Ajax – Mind The Gap (Detuned Dub)

http://www.slabsofthetabernacle.com/201 … og-channel


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Slabs 186 - Barry Donovan - Theories of Insomnia


Lunar Disko’s Barry Donovan.


Occult Orientated Crime – Tausend Küsse
[NASA – Quindar: Sound 1]
CN – Star Depot 39 Alpha
Heinrich Dressel – Back to Ripa Grande
Vagon Brei – A New Home
The Psychic Stewardess – Routes
Ian Martin – Warm Coma
VC-118A – Vlucht Naar Nachtschade
Paul Mitchell – Exped. Seven
Smackos – Leading Experts of Cryptozoology
Smackos – Tierische Magnetismus
Versalife – Pessimism
John Beltran – Music for Machines
Paul Mitchell – Exped. Two
Jeff Mills – Daylight
Shemale – Beyond the North Wind
Sammy Osmo – Radar Bol
Tropic of Cancer – Plant Lillies at my Head
Kirlian Camera – Autumn Room
Chris and Cosey CTI – Well Spring of Life
Tropic of Cancer – The One Left
Ultravox – Just for a Moment
[NASA – Quindar: Sound 2]

http://www.slabsofthetabernacle.com/201 … f-insomnia

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Slabs 187 - brokntoys


90 minutes from the fresh UK electro label brokntoys.


Mutant Beat Dance – Protagonist
Broken English Club – Local Violence
Mutant Beat Dance – Lowlife
Broken English Club – Channel 83
Daze – Untitled
Broken English Club – Ritual Killing
Central – Rules
Helena Hauff – Reaktion II
Central – Easy
VC-118A – Propulse (Lost Trax Remix)
AFX – Track 7
Privacy – System Voice
Aphex Twin – MARCHROMT38 Fast
Ekman – I Am Not A Turing Machine, You Are
Privacy – No Way Back
Hardfloor – You Know The Score
Morphology – Tangent Spaces
Asok – Hunter (Versalife mix)
Matti Turunen – Substellar Object
Kan3da – Bio Robota
Matti Turunen – Apoapsis

http://www.slabsofthetabernacle.com/201 … -brokntoys


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Slabs 188 - Bintus (1990-1992)


Tracks from 90-92 my favourite era, just because that’s when I was 16 -18 probably. Bleeps, Detroit / Chicago perennials, some Hip House even, but mainly Hardcore Rave were soundtracking nights out, car journeys etc. The rave stuff on a good system was the most exciting thing I ever heard, and some of the tracks I focused on for the mix. Sadly by the time I got to Ibiza in ’92 more ‘sophisticated’ music had come to dominance – I think it was called progressive house, we still managed to enjoy ourselves however.


Rob Base – Turn It Out
Rescue – Feel
Moody Boys – Funky Zulu
Juan Atkins – Sundog
Greater Than One – Voice
Bizzare Inc – X-Static
Problem House – Hit Ya With A Funky Dope Rhythm
9-10-Boy – Robocop
Lee Botix – The Journey
Major Problems – Manslaughter
World Dominance – Compression
Joey Beltram – Mentasm
Neon – Waves
Smart Systems – Tingler
Channel X – Rave The Rhythm
Messiah – There Is No Law
Set Up System – Fairy Dust
Alpha-b – Eternity

http://www.slabsofthetabernacle.com/201 … -1990-1992


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Slabs 189 - Mark Forshaw


Mark finally made us a mix, and it’s a lovely trippy number too


Miruga – Searching (Aesthetic Audio)
Craig McWhinney – Silent Witness (Sample and Hold)
Deepchord – Electro Magnetic Dowsing: The Lost D Side (Echospace)
Antigone – Artefakt (Token)
Taken – Terrorfish (Skudge)
Sleeparchive – Sodermarken Park in Winter (Sleeparchive)
Stanislav Tolkachev – The Right Side of Hell (Geophone)
Shifted – Arrangement In Monochrome I (Avian)
Hieroglyphic Being – Star Time (Technicolour)
Kareem – Just When You Thought It Was Over (Perc Trax)
Gene Hunt – Wildside D Dubb (Opilec Music)
Sigma – Schleife III (Unterton)
Antigone – Enter (Token)
Head Front Panel 8 B2 (Head Front Panel)
Antigone – Menace Of The Species (Concrete Music)
Blue Hour – Reference 97 (Blue Hour)
Antigone – Blue Note (Token)

http://www.slabsofthetabernacle.com/201 … rk-forshaw


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Slabs 190 - Nez


ELECTRO from Computer Controlled Records


DJ Stingray 313 – eRbB4 (KON001 Remix) – Lower Parts
DJ Overdose – Master Control – Viewlexx
Koova – Words Of Wisdom – Brokntoys
Privacy – System Voice – Klasse Records
Arcanoid – Cosmic Rain – Detroit Underground
Morphology – Magnetospheric (Sync 24 Remix) – Zyntax Motorcity
Drexciya – Wavejumper (Aqualung Version) – Clone
Marco Bernardi – Genetic Genocide – Brokntoys
Q-Chip – Pleasure Anxiety – Solar One Music
Gary Gritness – Ridin’ With Runner Joe – Clone Crown Ltd
J.T.C. – In Transit – Cultivated Electronics
Defekt – Chain Drive – Komisch
dcantu – A Space Age Function – Sequencias
Rawmance – Nobody Asked U For UR Opinion Man – Knick Knack Yoda
Gesloten Cirkel – Zombiemachine – Murder Capital
Skatebård – Emotional Bits – Sex Tags Mania
DB_24 – New Life – Modular Machine Records

http://www.slabsofthetabernacle.com/201 … bs-190-nez


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Slabs 191 - DJ Crud


Over 12 months since our last Slabs…

This mix comes from one of the members of ‘12th Isle’, a label, clubnight, and occasional radio show out of Glasgow

Event Information
Soundcloud – Releases and Forecasts

http://www.slabsofthetabernacle.com/201 … 91-dj-crud

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Slabs 192 - John Marchant


John and his brother came up from Leeds to our first party with I-G over six years ago (good effort) and we’ve been sharing many similar journeys across Europe ever since.. (that’s him driving)

This mix spans just a few gems in John’s collection, moving through electro, funk, Italo and disco.

http://www.slabsofthetabernacle.com/201 … n-marchant

Re: Slabs of the Tabernacle Mixes

really six years ago?..pfwot? John mix is ridiculously good.

Let's get Dumb


Re: Slabs of the Tabernacle Mixes

Aye, February 2010, time flies...


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Slabs 193 - Rick Nicholls - Frenetic Kombinations



A Guy Called Gerald – The Universe
Andre Holland – Unabomber
Traxman – Bubbles
DJ Stingray – Dystopic
Traxman – Make Love To Me
A Guy Called Gerald – Universal Spirit
Traxman – Computer Getto
Mark Fell – Periodic Orbits of a Dynamic System Related To A Knot
Chez Damier – Help Myself (Carl Craig Mix) (45rpm)
Kettel – Inman
Container – Remover
Traxman – Under Cover Jack
Steve Silk Hurley – Jack Your Body (Intro w/FX)
Kettel – Poblesec
Autechre – M62
Model 500 – Incredible
DJ Stingray – Counter Surveillance
Model Man – Flying Knives
Mr. Fingers – The Sun Can’t Compare (45rpm)
Second Storey – Helicat
Nookie – The Sound of Music
Traxman – Acid 2013
Radio Logg – Threshing Machine
Passarani 2099 – V-Row
DMX Krew – Broken SD140
Drexciya – Take Your Mind
Rian Treanor – A Rational Tangle B1
Itinerant Dubs – Weaving Dub (DJ Stingray RMS Mix)
Rhythm & Sound – No Partial
Mr. De – The Zoo
Drexciya – Mantaray
AFX – Oberheim Blacet 1B
Mike Ink – Rosenkranz (Melodymix by Mono Junk)
AFX – Bonus EMT Beats
Traxman – 1976
Remote – Protecting My Hive
AFX – Simple Slamming B2
A Guy Called Gerald – The Nile
Omni Trio – Renegade Snares
Autechre – Flutter
Drexciya – Anti Vapour Waves
Cylob – Rosetta
Kettel – Here Comes The Gang

Slabs 194 - Rick Nicholls - Collected Landscape



Matthias Kaspert – Ljubljana Railway Station
Cylob – Calling
Andreas Bick – Cape Cross Seals
Boards of Canada – The Colour of The Fire
Cylob – Yeah Ha
Dmitry Urupin Solovetsky – Islands Bird Colony On The Seashore
Boards of Canada – Bocuma
Teresa Winter – How Strange Are Bodies
Cylob – Unsurrounded
BBC Everyman – E is for Ecstasy (Rave Documentary 1992 – Excerpt)
Clemens Von Reusner – Salzgitter Steel
Lena Platonos – Liquer
Marek Brandt – Glasgow Bingo Hall
Cylob – Zattrday
Cylob – Lithpippes
Catherine Clover – London Stopping Train – Clapham
Boards of Canada – Kaini Industries
Teresa Winter – Bounce 700
John Tenny – San Francisico Street Life – Mission District
CN – Maat
Aphex Twin – Aisatsana 102
F Ingers – Blissful Clubby House
BBC Everyman – E is for Ecstasy (Rave Documentary 1992 – Excerpt)
Justin Hardison – Sardinia – A Walk Along The Stormy Beach
Teresa Winter – Cannot Look
Ben Owen – New York 2005
Cylob – K
CN – The Hollowed Lairs
BBC Everyman – E is for Ecstasy (Rave Documentary 1992 – Excerpt)
Cylob – Edge
Heidi Lord – AM7
Stephen Cornford – London Royal Festival Hall
BBC Everyman – E is for Ecstasy (Rave Documentary 1992 – Excerpt)
The Tuss – Goodbye Rute
Actress – Maze
Aphex Twin – Xmas Eve
Dmitry Urupin – Moscow – About What The Night Bird
BBC Everyman – E is for Ecstasy (Rave Documentary 1992 – Excerpt)
Boards of Canada – Under the Coke Sign
Teresa Winter – You Made Me Give You All My Love
Steven Brown – Manchester Steam Train Through Tunnel
Oneohtrix Point Never – Actual Air
BBC Everyman – E is for Ecstasy (Rave Documentary 1992 – Excerpt)
Lee Kwang Goh – Rotterdam – Breath Of The Sea
DMX Krew – Glantane
Drexciya – Neon Falls
BBC Everyman – E is for Ecstasy (Rave Documentary 1992 – Excerpt)
Chris & Cosey – Moving Still
Teresa & Azlee – Pennies
Palix – Torino Fish Market
Keith Fullerton Whitman – Stereo Music For Acoustic Guitar, Buchla Music Box 100, Hewlett Packard Model 236 Oscillator, Electric Guitar And Computer – Part Two
BBC Everyman – E is for Ecstasy (Rave Documentary 1992 – Excerpt)
Aphex Twin – Alberto Balsam
Cylob – Skylight

http://www.slabsofthetabernacle.com/201 … k-nicholls

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Slabs 195 - Andy Gilbert


Co-founder of the longstanding Glasgow night Jak, member of the Bizarre Tempo collective, and boss man for vinyl label Full Dose who released the excellent "Foch Reflection EP by AKHIEZER earlier this year as their first release. This is a mix showcasing Andy's very distinct and off kilter heads-down approach.


Jonas Palm - The Return to Timbuktu
Irsol - Anthem
Mick Milk - Robots For Jesus
Richard Wahnfried - Time Actor
Actress - Maze
Dreesvn - Tall Stories
Bill Converse - Riverbank
Sendex - Exposure
Paul Bishop - Push
Dilemma - Noise
Kim Rapatti - Instrument III
Big Youth - Living (Dub)

http://www.slabsofthetabernacle.com/201 … dy-gilbert

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Slabs 196 - Andrew Ingram



Daniel Andréasson – Untitled
John Heckle – What Doesn’t Kill You Doesn’t Make You Anything
Tyrell Corp. – Running (Atmosphere)
FOQL – Theon
Parris – Bloom
Casual Violence – This Place Nevermore
Maoupa Mazzocchetti – I Would Prefer Not To
Pamétex – Geld
Dust – Hellbound
Epoch 90 – Last Night Of The World (No Surrender Dub)
HAEX HRLL – North Of Warren
Acid Jesus – Elektro Smog
214 – Lunar Landing
Jeremiah R – Far Sight
Anokie – 5th Circuit
Aster – Placido Domingo
Steve Moore – End Credits

http://www.slabsofthetabernacle.com/201 … /slabs-196


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Slabs 197 - John Heckle



The Connection Machine – Street Waves
Artefakt – Solaris
JP Enfant – They (Don Williams Remix)
214 – Deep Ellum
VC-118A – Serial Data Transmission
Vertical67- Morphed Reality
Junq – 303 Days on Kepla-47c
Mono Junk vs Mesak – Deep in My Electro Mind
Morphology – 32
DMX Krew – Computational Paradigm Shift
Vertical67 – Into The Night
The Other Side Of Space – Techno Drivers (Vocal)
Dez Williams – Acid Bath
Gaja – L
Galaxian – Dosing The Population
Sync 24 & Radioactive Man – Elliptical
DJ Stingray – Military Grade
Tentant – Undreamt Lawns
Frequency Vs Atkins – Pure Soul

http://www.slabsofthetabernacle.com/201 … ohn-heckle


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Slabs 198 - Kinzo Chrome



1.Brian Dalmini – Can You Tell Me (Instrumental) [Sensation Records] 1984
2.Gatsby – Love Sign (Instrumental) [Ricordi] 1984
3.Crysalis – I Never Dance (Instrumental) [Trash Records] 1983
4.Bryan Ross – Nothing (Instrumental Version) [Fiorella Records] 1985
5.Texas Johnny – Superman (Instrumental) [Fuori Di Testi] 1984
6.Larry Day – Fashion Girl (Instrumental) [Fuori Di Testi] 1984
7.Dave Hancock – Don’t Stop [Master Dee Jay] 1984
8.Marco Sabiu – Start [Golden Hits] 1983
9.Mauro Falzoni – No Senor [Golden Hits] 1983
10.Tom Hagen – Atomic (Extended Version) [Thick Record] 1984
11.Randy Wiper – I’d Like To Know (Instrumental) [Trash Records] 1984
12.Telex News – Forever (Dub) [ZYX Records] 1985
13.Paolo Music – Disco Winter [Sensation Records] 1984
14.Firme D’Autore – All My Life (Club Version) [Casual]
15.Stephen Head – Switch On Fellini [Mondial Laser] 1984
16.Max – Your Love In My Soul [City Record] 1985
17.Mauro Micheloni & F.M. Band – Looking For Love (Instrumental Version)
[Discomagic Records] 1983
18.Hawa Stokes – Your Town Is You [Ligra Records] 1984
19.Richard Benson – Animal Zoo [Mondial Laser] 1983
20.Riccelli – Dance All Night [Disco In]
21.Beat Dance – Resonance [Crash] 1984
22.Al, Puccy & Claude – I Think… (Rap Version) 1982
23.Dany – C’è Non C’è [Disco In]
24.Mito – Unit [Missing Records] 1983
25.Matia Bazar – Elettrochoc (Instrumental) [WEA] 1983
26.Basic – Face In The Night (Edit) [Xanadu] 1984

http://www.slabsofthetabernacle.com/201 … nzo-chrome

Re: Slabs of the Tabernacle Mixes

Gotta fly to London today so getting a fair few of the ones I haven't heard yet down. Rick Nicholls ones look mega boss, with a bit of the above italo to help ease the airport train journey.

"Hey Sweden."
"They're Norwegian Mac."