Topic: Which Drum Machine(s) had been used by Crash Records in 1983/84?

? Especially @ Joe Maran - Give me a break & Danny Keith - Love me again?

I am asking, because I love the certain kickdrum-sound of those tracks... Especially when listening very loud on a good sound system or in a club, it's very different to most of the usual techno kickdrums... which used to sound really "hard, deep & wide"... The kickdrum here @those crash record tracks has a lot more "flat" sound... It's also really "smooth/soft" and it's "colour" tongue  is brighter than those other "dark" techno kickdrums...
Well, I think it's sound is so special, cause it lacks some deeper frequencies like the "techno" kickdrums (at least, some of them)?!?!

(the end of the track is only drummachine kick and snare sounds... wink)

(after 8sec you'll hear the nice kick, very well smile)

Anyways, if someone could tell me, which drum machine it is, I even have another request: big_smile
Please, recommend, some nice deep techno tracks, which use this nice&smooth kick drum... Maybe from the 90s?? Produced with real machines and without softsynths, at best... smile

Kinda weird topic, isn't it?

Btw: Will there be a ifm top100, this year?

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