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Inferno Statements is a 19 track compilation spanning a wide variety of styles while also helping to donate to two Northern California based organizations who are invested in community and relief efforts in Lake County, California post-Mendocino Complex wildfires disaster. 100% of any and all funds generated by this non-profit charity release will be transparently donated to North Coast Opportunities, Inc. and United Way of the Wine Country at the end of each and every month where purchases are made.

Both local and global artists have lent their talents to express what it is to deal with the uncertainty, panic, and fear, of fire threat and evacuation all the way to the relief, determination, and celebration that the passing of the flames can bring. Through our creativity we hope that spirits can rise up once again.

1. Mallon Khan - Reflect
2. LibraBeats - Back Burn
3. Travis Rinker featuring Rick Hunolt - Echo-
4. i preferred myself that way - again, why are you smiling
5. Nexus23 - Joust
6. Amper Clap - Asymmetric
7. Gabber Master 2000 - Me-n-U
8. iZueL_ - Warum Ja
9. dyLAB - Juices Like Wine
10. g13ck - ..Es Todo Lo Que Me Queda
11. Paracas Topara - Phoenix
12. Magicsilverbox - Octaves Of Acid
13. Ernst Habros - Experiencing Vague Realities
14. FAH - Calibiz
15. PL_anet - One Voice
16. AECK - Extinguish
17. Memory Theater - Dear Mariah, I Won't Forget
18. Alicyn Yaffee - Creek Song
19. Hoggamenta - Lothing