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For our next premiere on @DarkScienceElectro we will be checking out a track from one of my favorite contemporary labels pushing Electro music. @brokntoys is a five-year old label from London run by Anwar and this is their 24th vinyl release in their relatively short history, which has highlighted many of the best artists in Electro music today.

Today we take a listen to a track from UK artist @Koova, who has been making music under the moniker for at least a decade. With releases on @Shameless-Toady, @Abstract_Forms, @CPUrecords, @CrobotMuzik and more. ‘Conducere’ presents the producer showcasing his personal take on the genre, with 4 tracks of tense, melodic Electro. The track selected to premiere is third track on the record and is entitled ‘Frustration’. The track was produced using a ton of modular gear for FX and drums as well as Juno 6, Korg Polysix, Prophet 12, Sequential Pro One for synths. I love the track for it's simple (yet effective) bass line, dark melody and playful/understated arpeggio programming. This release comes highly recommended by me and is released on September 3rd.

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The next installment in the premieres feature on @DarkScienceElectro we take a listen to a track from a new release from Irish producer @Lerosa-Music from a new label based in Germany (@eudemoniarecords) that is focused on Ambient, Electro and Techno

Active since the early 2000’s, Lerosa has had a series of twelve inche releases on labels like @LunarDiskoRecords, @Further-Records, @Photic-Fields and many more. His musical palette ranges anywhere from Electro to Techno to Dub, drawing on sci-fi books to set the scene for his audio explorations. He utilizes a hybridized rig with all sounds coming from analog and digital sources sequenced by a Yamaha Rs7000. Lerosa has never been much of a gear fetishist and absolutely reinforces the idea that “it is the ear, not the gear” making the most of any hardware he uses in his productions. This track is a nod to William Gibson's ‘Neuromancer’, specifically the tale of Screaming Fist and their failed midnight cyber-attack with gliders. The track selected by @DVSNME to premiere for @DarkScienceElectro is the opening track on the vinyl which features Acid-soaked basslines and 808 rhythms. The rest of this record features 3 other tracks that step away from the Electro formula and venture into Synthwave and Italo Disco.

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EP clips here: Eudemoniarecords – Lerosa-theme-of-perception-1

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For our next premiere on @DarkScienceElectro we turn to a relatively new label called @hilltown-disco for a V/A release centered around a returning member of the Hilltown family, Crossmods (@user-421462996).

This release comes from the Dundee, electronic imprint, Hilltown Disco with five tracks of versatile sounds ranging from Techno to Electro. The label is still in their early stages but is onto their second vinyl release and 4th release over all. The imprint turns to the French Electro-duo, Crossmods who seem to have the stamp of approval from the label, having released previously as well. The track selected by @DVSNME to premiere for Dark Science Electro is the @datawave remix of the opening track entitled 'Delia's Dream'. In this track they create a spaced out, atmospheric melody with an aggressive bass line and quirky synths. However the remix by @Datawave sticks out like amazing sore thumb on this release. The EP also features tracks from Chris Moss Acid, Ansata and Crossover Network. This vinyl release is forthcoming.

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For the next premiere we look to a relatively new Russian label Propaganda Moscow for their second EP for the "Code" series.

The track selected to premiere for Dark Science Electro is entitled 'The Synth Who Sleeps'. It stays true to form for Ekman utilizing minimal beats and focuses on creating a haunted vibe with pulsing bass lines and creepy synth work.

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Our next Dark Science Electro premiere takes a look at the debut LP from current Electro wunderkind Jensen Interceptor

After a ton of EPs on labels ranging from Cultivated Electronics to Central Processing Unit and his own International Chrome imprint, Sydney-based producer Jensen Interceptor debuts on Lone Romantic with his long-awaited full-length release, ‘Mother’.

Mikey Melas has steadily released music as Jensen Interceptor since 2012 and in that time has made quite the impact on fans and party-goers alike. With his seemingly endless flow of music and charisma, this Aussie producer has managed to fly the Electro flag like a seasoned vet, playing shows all around the world and opening up the minds of a new generation of fans.

The track selected by Dark Science Electro to premiere is the first track on the C side of this double-LP and is called 'Ufology'. As the name hints, this track is on that outerspace-grind with fast-moving bass lines, synth arpeggios and a set of alien-sounding pads and leads. The track is punctuated with a great rhythmic groove that creates an overwhelming feeling of cruising through the streets of Detroit in a spaceship.

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Next up on @DarkScienceElectro premieres, we check back in with the Japanese label @Anti-Gravity-Device for their latest offering with an EP by @NoiseNoise

Noise&Noise is an Electro producer based in Beijing, China. His music is filled with references to futurism, often touching on themes of science and technology. This producer has been active since 2011 and has since released on labels like @ANTIZER0, @TransientForce, Tokyo Beat Records and made countless appearances on compilations from Fundamental Records, @LesDisquesCockpit and more.

The track selected to debut on @DarkScienceElectro clocks in at 148 BPM and focuses less on the percussive aspects of the song and more the dizzying layers of ominous synths that lead you down a dark, five-minute path. I have always likened the style of @NoiseNoise to Gerald Donald's work as Der Zyklus or Dopplereffekt and I think that would be a hard thing to argue after taking a listen to his discography. Cold, dark and always daring. His new release with @Anti-Gravity-Device will be available November 8th.

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For our next @DarkScienceElectro premiere, we dive into the latest release from French producer @Djedjotronic.

For their 0100010th release, @CPUrecords bring us the powerful work of @Djedjotronic. This four track EP is as straight-forward Electro as it gets. I had a hard time selecting a track to premiere but eventually landed on '#1#0#2'. Clocking in at 130 BPM, this track absolutely glistens with the kind of Electro you have learned to expect from both Djedjotronic as well as the consistent output of @CPUrecords. This track features steady rhythms with an almost motorik feel, driven by custom samples via the Analog Rytm. The brilliantly spaced-out synth sounds in the song were made using Roland SH-01 and the Access Virus. This is one you don't want to miss. The record is available for pre-order now and will officially be released on November 23, 2018.

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For the next @DarkScienceElectro premiere we head to Florida for a collaborative track from Electrobass powerhouses @ohverclock & @coderising

Normally the over-the-top heavy bass and aggressive beat-driven sound that come out of Florida aren't my personal go-to style within Electro music, however, I couldn't help myself with this one. There is something to be said about music that is done extremely well within the confines of a well-defined sound. I can't think of a crew of producers that are doing the Florida Electrobass sound better than these three guys. This release features three tracks total with one original from @ohverclock, a collaboration between the artists as well as the track that I selected. 'Transplant Experiment' is the @coderising remix of the original track on the release and brings the pain in the best possible way. There are a few things that really put the Electrobass sound into it's own category and this track delivers on them all. Pitched bass drums, stuttering rhythms, intricate drum fills and an overall energy that can't be ignored. The original track was composed by @ohverclock using a Malekko Manther, Native Instrument's Maschine, Omnisphere, U-he Repro and Zebra VSTs. This release comes available on the 30th of November and can be purchased through Bandcamp.

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Our next @Dark Science Electro premiere comes to us from French label Ukonx Recordings. On this premiere we focus our attention on Swedish producer @Kretz

Living in Stockholm, Jonas Lund has built his unique and recognizable style of producing since the C64/Amiga/Atari heyday. He has been producing music as Kretz since 2012 and has been released on labels like Anti Gravity Device, PLONK, [BATTERY'PARK'STUDIO] and more. The track selected to premiere for Dark Science Electro is a menacing Electro track featuring vocoded voices and dangerous melodies! Clocking in at a 140 BPM, this track is clearly aimed at the dance floor and absolutely hits the target. This 3-track digital release will be available starting the second of December.

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For our next @DarkScienceElectro premiere, I have the pleasure of debuting a full track from prolific Australian producer @Jensen-Interceptor via one of my personal favorite labels @Solar_One_Music.

Normally I would be resitant to the idea of doing a premiere for an artist that was so-recently featured (less than one month ago for his debut full-length LP), however, I feel like it is inescapable to publish premieres more often for those artists that work at such a staggering pace. Having dropped no-less-than TEN releases this year, Mikey Melas is quickly becoming one of the most recognizable artists in our genre.

With this 5-track EP on @Solar_One_Music, he presents a great collection of tracks that are, without a doubt, a gift to DJs around the world. 4 of the 5 tracks walk the line of Electro/Techno so gracefully it is almost shocking. With obvious influences from Dopplereffekt and a general nod to the aquatic sounds of Drexciya, this EP does not disappoint. The track selected by @DVSNME to premiere for @DarkScienceElectro is, in my opinion, the most Electro track on the record and it is called 'Inverse Light'. This track presents an almost horror-like atmosphere complete with de-tuned pads and chilling pulsing bass line. It is the slowest track on the record, in terms of BPM, clocking in at 120 but that won't stop you from bouncing your head along with the plucky arpeggio and fantastic snare. This record is available for preorder now.

Clips: Solar_one_music – Bp05-jensen-interceptor-activated-ep
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@DAS MUSTER is the alter ego of Marcus Mumm, who has been actively releasing music under this moniker since 2011. His purely analog sound is instantly recognizable for it's rich, warm, clean use of instruments like the MFB Microzwerg, MFB 522, Oberheim Matrix 6 & 1000, Roland JX-3P and many others. For this release he stays the course with his Dopplereffekt-inspired sound and presents a brand new vinyl release from mysterious newcomer label @Timeless Movement. The track selected by @Dark Science Electro is a great example of the horror-esque sound that Marcus has been producing either as DAS MUSTER or as his rarely explored 'Mumm' side-project. The song features a brooding bass line, anxiety-inducing arpeggios and his signature beat production that fans have grown to love and expect.

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For our next @Dark Science Electro premiere, we take a look a recently released compilation from Croatian label Crobot Muzik - For this premiere, I selected my favorite track from the staggering 66-track release, which was extremely difficult to do given the stiff competition. Ultimately I landed on the track by French producer @commuter. Read more on Soundcloud.

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The next @DarkScienceElectro premiere comes to us all the way from the Scandinavian shores of Oslo, Norway.

@Espen-T-Hangard has been producing music for more than 30 years and you would probably already know that if you were into Norwegian Metal, however, In the last 10 years he switched gears and now produces hardware-based Electronic music. His recently released debut album features 9 tracks drenched in analog synth goodness like TR-606, SH-101, CR-68, Jupiter 4, TB-303 and others. He told me that "Punching info into machines through convoluted and/or intuitive interfaces, emphasizing the limitations, finding quirks and weird features in different combinations of gear, etc, have all been a welcome relief from the guitar and the 'band' way of doing music."

Some of his stated influences for this record include Drexciya, @Kraftwerk-1970-1973, @DMXKrew, @depeche_mode and AFX. He has already shared the stage with the likes of @Aphex-Twin-official and @Venetian-Snares and has no plans of slowing down with plans on releasing another album in February of 2019 which was recorded in the same session as the tracks on 'Primær'. The track selected to premiere for @DarkScienceElectro stood out to me for its paranoid vibe, pulsing bass and sweeping lead. Other standout tracks from the record include the infintely funky 'Zulu Crew 85' and the acid vibes contained on the track entitled 'Off-Centre'.

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The next premiere for @Dark Science Electro comes to us from Electro music veteran @Cosmic Force and @Krypton 81. It is a collaboration track taken from the upcoming compilation on @Blind Allies. Check it!

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Our next premiere comes to us from the Florida-based mastermind behind the Monotone imprint, @Exzakt. By now we all know who Exzakt is and the impact he has had on the Electro community with all his output both past and present, so I'll cut out the fluff and get right to the meat of the premiere.

This release marks Exzakt's first vinyl EP on Monotone since 2007 and is a collection of various tracks that have not been pressed on vinyl until now. These tracks were hand-selected by fans out of 17 tunes to chose from via an online poll.

The track selected by @DarkScienceElectro to premiere for the record is an emotional piece that you can tell from the title, Love Hate. Again, @Exzakt goes deep on this one but still keeps the beat pumping like his tracks often do. This track, for me, harkens back to the early days of Larry's work from when he helped to pioneer the Electrobass sound that has become a point of pride for Florida. This album will become available on the 28th of January.

Full preview:
Exzakt – Exzakt-electrology

Available for order:…-remix/709253-01/…ology-12-mon018/

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