Re: Gabber

Are the American midwest and northern Europe the only places where people actually like(d) gabber? Maybe it's the meth? Anyways, I went to a day party in Minneapolis last winter and they were playing gabber in the afternoon - it was very refreshing. Especially after living on the west coast for so long, if it gets too much past 130 bpm, people starting going 'eww, they're playing hardcore.' Lame. I finally decided to go to Even Furthur in Wisconsin next month and I guess they play gabber during brunch - good for waking up and starting the day I suppose. Also The Mover is playing, that should be interesting. I always dug this track,

I have it on this Industrial Strength compilation, thought it was a weird one for the comp because it's so much slower than all the rest of the tracks. I had no idea it came out in 1990!