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pai wrote:

I'm litteraly desperate to know what track is dollkraut is playing at the end of his boiler room dekmantel set !!
unreleased track of his ???

De Ambassade - Duistre Kamers … e/13934268


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Thank you S.T.E.N.T.E.C. big_smile

This forum will never cease to amaze me !!!


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Anyone know what this italo-ish (and DEFINITELY 80's, just listen to the reverb on those snares +  electrified toms!) song is that was played at this fun-looking Goa party in '89/'90? You would make me and the stranger on the interwebs that introduced this to me very happy!

Lyrics are something like 'bad at giving in', 'knew I played the fool', 'I've been playing by the rules'.

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Id at 21 min? … 242234506/ (David Vunk @ Clone x radio)


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Buongiorno robots

May I ask you for help regarding id-ing these tracks:

thank you


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and another one, even from I-G

any ideas?


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and next I-G ID from one of his sets this year:  big_smile

who is an expert an knows these tracks?

thanks again


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I have some questions too, I'm sure there are some people here who know these:

1st one, space disco "cosmic voyager"-style

2nd one, relaxed electro

3rd one, italo disco with a nice melody, they sing something like "don't let your feelings flow", "which way you want to go", "what you've done to me"

4th one, space disco style again

EDIT: Found out 3rd one with the power of lyrics, it's My Mine - Cupid Girl

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