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I'm just wondering how the current ongoing pandemic situation is affecting people, ya'll doing alright?

In my work due to the bankruptcy of another company we were doing work for a large project has collapsed, resulting in people be layed off under a government job protection scheme(they are being payed for now, but unlikely to return once the government support ends). I've had to take a pay cut and moved onto a horrible shift work to minimise people on site. I think the global economy on the whole is going to be royally fucked after this.

But worst of all is the boredom, my climbing wall is shut and I can't travel into the hills to ride bikes or climb. I'm not sure how much more I can take.

Survival tips?,

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Hey Ian, yeah it's tough out there. I happen to got a contrract at a 70% government-funded institute just 6 weeks before the start. Thing is, if I had been staying in what I was doing before (freelance eventproduction and workshop teacher) I'd be seriously fucked. So that came out lucky! Anyway I kinda feel with all the awfulness of the economy there's a positive spirit of people being helpful.

One thing I discovered, no idea if it exists for Glasgow, is a website where you can download different sound-walks for cities in NL. Walking a defined route and listening to a narrative story and/or soundscapes on your phone. Good stuff that gets you out and can get you experience the city in a bit of a different way. Other than that I'm having the most inventive cooking phase so far. The whole digital cultural offerings got me bored already, not too much into concert registrations or virtual museum tours. Djing also helps me here and there, already looking to start a radio show again...

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I lost my mom due to a horrible traffic accident a week before the lockdown in The Netherlands. The day of the funeral  was on the first day of lockdown. I really feel for the people that are in the position of losing someone during the lockdown. I can tell you it sucks big time.
Regarding work, I'm a freelancer with plenty of work, up to now... we'll see what happens when the recession kicks in, but I can only work a few hours every now and then because I'm taking care of my two kids.

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I'm really sorry to hear that Jonathan. Was about write that the threat of losing a loved relative during this crisis is a big worry. To lose someone in a traffic accident... Hope you get support, a big hug...

We had an expert pushing how serious the economic side of thing are, a possible crash of welfare, mass unemployment and the chain event that follows and I wonder how long this will last. In theory if everyone stayed at home the healthcare would have to help those that's already sick and those that haven't had any symptoms yet, but as soon you open the lid new cases will(?) arise. A medicine will take time and for the herd immunity to kick in a big percentage of the population need to have had been infected. About 2,5 million confirmed cases so far (according to google) the real number is of course much higher, let's say the real number is 200 million, that's still relatively few. Personally I've been occupied with some renovation, just as score100 a lot of cooking and baking for me, meditation and music. Lookdown isn't as strict here.

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Oh shit Jona, I am so sorry to hear the details of your moms passing. Very very sad, wishing you all the strenght to handle such a tragedy in these challenging circumstances.

For me, my work is not a lot of fun as I work in theatre management, and actually we have a lot of work cancelling, keeping our head above water financially, make hard decisions on how to handle financial compensation of all the independent art professionals involved in our productions, etcetera. All meetings are in Microsoft Teams which I really dislike.
My wife works as a child psychologist, helping teens with all kinds of disorders to make it through highschool. Hard work as well, as these sure aren't the happiest times for kids with autism, anxiety disorders, et cetera.
We have to balance this with the entertainment programma for our 1,5 year old daughter. When I'm working, my wife is on duty, and the other way around. She's a real easy child, but yeah, we still kinda miss the kindergarten days, that would give us some room to breath. 
After a day of work and taking care of our daughter, I cook us a meal, the kid goes to sleep, my wife and me watch one or two episodes of the usual series (Narcos done, Curb Your Enthusiasm done, Homeland nearly done, so next up Better Call Saul I suppose), go to bed, read a few pages of Fernando Pessoa's Book Of Disquiet and pass out.

In the weekends we don't work so we have a bit more time on our hands. I made two mixes so far. Am planning one more for IFM. Smoke a joint on the balcony or enjoy a few glasses of wine with the mrs. That's it.
I miss people. Places with people. Fun things. Fuck I even miss commuting. Oh and I miss watching football a lot more than I thought I would.

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Sincere Condolences !

My wife and I are studying ( late schoolers ) so a lot to digest, but we go hiking on these amazing mountains in Coachella Valley...swimming with our daughter and missing my rides to LA recordstores

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That's tragic news J, I'm very sorry for your loss . My sincere condolences.

I think it's going to be a long time before things get back to any kind of normal, I don't see international travel restrictions lifting before the end of the year and normality possibly not before a vaccine becomes widely available and manufacturing that kind of quantity isn't going happen quickly either.

I guess there are many people losing loved ones but it all seems removed as there is still less than 1,000 deaths in Scotland and more than a quarter of those in care homes for the elderly. I can't help but wonder if this universal lockdown policy for all is really necessary or even effective.

I'm also doing a lot of cooking to alleviate the boredom, and therefore a lot of going to be fat as fuck when this is all over.

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Super sorry to hear about your mother's passing man, deepest condolences to you and your family.

I'm in Madrid and been in lockdown for forty days. Lockdown means don't leave the house unless ya go to the shop, the pharmacy, the bank or walk the dog. I haven't been outside a three block radius in that time.
The whole thing feels very unremoved, I've had mates and their folks getting it here; though the worse case was a friend in the UK who was hospitalised for like a week.

I work in a secondary school here so work is all online, which is fine but way too much time in front of a laptop. Spend the time listening to music, like Jay making mixes, doing some reading, playing with cats and spending too much time on a laptop. I'd happily never facetime anyone again. Been cooking too, making gnocchi, bread, stuff prob wouldn't put the time into otherwise.

The uncertainty is difficult, the lack of outside stimulus is pretty hard too as variety goes out the window fair quick.

Could be worse. I'm healthy, as are my family. Just grin and bear.

For football just watching back some classic games, tis alright.

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Also sorry to hear about your mom, S.T.E.N.T.E.C.

Don't have much to say, just checking in. I'm in lockdown in the pacific nw. All is currently well relative to the overall situation, my peeps are all where they need to be and safe, knock on wood. Miss my monthly at the arcade. On the upside, I've gotten away from the bad internet and extremely online people. Been talking to a lot of people on the phone, chatting on IRC. Sort of balanced out the increase in beer intake with less junk food and more walks.

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@all thanks!

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Saw a news clip yesterday about a man who had to (re-)learn how to walk again after being woken from anesthesia and intensive care. Guess about 40 (give or take), healthy and fit. Muscle atrophy, nerve damage and his toes had also apparently turned black and they had feared that they would fall of. … start=auto

+ A scientist (Johan Giesecke) speculated some days ago that if we get a vaccine down the line it's far from certain it will work any good.

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And yet for COVID-19 the data to date suggest that 80% of infections are mild or asymptomatic, ethnic minorities are supposed to be at a much higher risk as well as the elderly.

I think you have to be pretty unlucky for the virus to have a serious effect on you if you dont already have any underlying health conditions.

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Yes most wont be that sick but it's a strange disease. Other than having an underlying disease/ being elderly or living crowded (that some ethnic minorities do) being a bit overweight seems to also be a concern. Maybe there an hint of that in the person in the clip, but they say he was both active and healthy before getting sick. The muscle atrophy, nerve damage and black toes he got just from being sedated in three weeks. Also heard that several doctors had observed a strange phenomenon where patients with a lack of oxygen in the blood seemed unaffected, the normal thing should be a sense of panic a feeling of being suffocated. But instead they calmly sent SMS or typed on a laptop just moments before being sedated.

The mantra have been we have to protect the elderly that's sounds good and all but I don't think the people high up in the hierarchy have any clue how people on the other side of the spectra lives. As an doctor you can afford to have prestige, you can demand protective gear, as an assistant nurse you might not have the same leverage or the wallet to stay at home when sick. Right now there's an criminal investigation on an elderly home where the assistant nurses where forced to walk between healthy and sick with only toilet paper as some form of DIY mouthguard.

The economy is going down the drain.
Worst unemployment in US since the 30's.

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