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5/18/2018 - Episode 364 - This week's guest on @darkscienceelectro was @alienata - This Spanish-born, Berlin-based Alienata a self-described 'sound obsessive' whose sets span obscure Electro music, Acid, IDM, dark Disco, Industrial atmospheres and more. A former philosophy student with a particular interest in mysticism, Alienata began DJing in 2004. In conjunction with Valencia's Overflow Collective, she not only served as a resident DJ but also participated in theatre and music technology workshops as well as oversaw its label operations. Upon moving to Berlin in 2011, she quickly found an adoptive family in the Killekill label and associated Krake Festival. While primarily focusing on DJing, Alienata has released a few records as the project Kat Channel with Snuffo of the Snuff Crew. Recently she has launched a new record label called Discos Atónicos where she can materialize all its varied influences. Alienata is currrently preparing her solo productions; One spit EP with Beta Evers will be released in the coming months. This mix was an exclusive for Dark Science Electro.

Resident Advisor:
Soundcloud: @alienata

1. CSMS – Untitled – Mainrecords
2. 214 – Back to Sine – 20:20 Vision
3. VCS-2600 – Night Drive Thru A Future – Rikos Records
4. Sansibar – OMX-11
5. /DL/MS/ – Tides – TRUST
6. Populist – Psychometric Profiling – TRUST
7. Jensen Interceptor & Assembler Code – Battery Assault – Cultivated Electronics
8. Nino Sebelic – Baltimore – POMELO
9. Security – The Beat Club (Textasy Remix)
10. Nino Sebelic – Church of Tasmania – POMELO
11. Sync24 x Alienata – Confused – Killekill
12. Zeta Reticula & Helga Neuer – I Am Mensch – Mechatronica
13. The Mover – Lost Planet – Boidae
14. Delta Funktionen – Hacking The Cosmos – MORD

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Episode 368 of @darkscienceelecto aired on 6/15/2018

DJ @Sasha-Prana coming to us all the way from Russia. Inspired by the sounds of Basic Channel and vintage drum machines, she formed her musical taste and record collection, which varies from Electro music, Techno Music to Acid House.

This talented vinyl-digger regularly performs across Russia and neighboring countries and has played smashing sets at Monasterio, Discipline, Gamma Festival, Resultart, Synthposium, Mosaique among others. This special set was recorded exclusively for @darkscienceelectro

Delta Funktionen – The Classified Sector
Obergman – Acid Healing
Defekt – Destroy Your Planet
Boris Divider – New Race
Das Muster – Augenschein
Privacy – NCSC
XY0815 – Tool Matter
Pollon – Lost Souls
Frankie Bones – The Big Break Theory
Signal Type – Future Funked
C 34 – Watch Yourself (Mick Wills remix)
DeFeKt – Acid Bounce (Origin%l Mix)
Dez WilliAms – All That Remains
Zerkalo – In The Middle

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Episode 370 originally aired on 6/29/2018.

This week's guest mix for @DarkScienceElectro we had Ireland-born, London-based DJ @Gamadon. He first started buying records in 1996 & has been DJing ever since. His first gigs were in the late 90's supporting the likes of 808 State & Sunil Sharpe. @Gamadon has played countless parties and festivals in Ireland, UK, Continental Europe & North America and run his own nights to showcase his skills & also to help give up-and-coming DJs a stage to perform. @Gamadon is also a producer who recently started a label to release his own productions and more.

SBLES3PLEX - We Are Transmitting
The Mover - Shadow Deception
Jensen Interceptor - She Only In Gucci
Robert Hecht & XY0815 - The Left Lane
Morphology - Magnetospheric
214 - Windy
Hinode - Mission4
Obergman - Rosetta
Zeta Reticula & Helga Neuer - I Am Mensch
051 Destroyer - Digital River
Thomas P Heckmann - Provide The Future
Tecroc - Syntopia ʼSubsonic mixʼ
DVS NME - Cryostatsis

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Episode number 371 of @DarkScienceElectro originally aired on 7/6/2018

Shaun Spencer aka @Acell started djing in 1991. Heavily influenced by the Detroit techno and British Techno at the time he got his first gig playing at The Wax Club around 1992, where he became a regular Dj playing with @ADJ-808 aka Andy Jaggers where they met and became good friends. In 2011 Andy and Shaun formed The Dodo Club an Electro/Electronica Night. He is a lover and player of Electro music, Electronica, Glitch, Acid, and all good music.

Additional resources:

Robyrt Hecht - You're Just A Narrative
Deemphasis - Digital Sparks
Boris Divider - People Love Machines
Info Cifon - You Can't Put Me In A Box
Dorothy Magic Bag - 24bit 4bit 8 bit
Neonicle - End
Acid Jesus - H.A.L
Fleck E.S.C - Unfriend
Mariel Ito - Syntax 49
Godzilla - Bill Bless's S.O.T.E.G Rmx
Similant - Access Future Audio
Lithium Flux - Egotise
Defekt - Delusional
PQ17 - Silicone Fat
Info Cifon - Echelon
Low Orbit Satellite - Flying Saucer
Defunct Dialekt - All Tight

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For the 372nd installment of Dark Science Electro we welcomed @Theory-Of-Noise to take the wheel of the show. Ukrainian in descent but currently living in China, this 22 year old producer/DJ is the co-founder of an event series (and podcast) called Mynah. This new blood absolutely blew me away with the exclusive mix he put together for Dark Science Electro.

MAS 2008 - I See You
Deemphasis - Sleep Little Men
Heliopause - Electro City
Cygnus - Rasterbass
Obsolete Robotics feat. Phil Klein - Walk Alone
Polytron - 247
Silicon Scally - Machine Bias
Kretz - Visual Transmissions (Dark Vektor Remix)
Dibu-Z - Remote View
Alek Stark - Trapped In Your Eyes
Morphology - Mind Stealers (Sync 24 Remix)
The Ghost That Walks - The Devilʼs Kiss
Tyraell - Paleocontact
Silicon Scally - Auton
Professor X - Professor X (S<g<)
Junq - From Below
Decal - Burn From The Inside (Exzakt Remix)
Privacy - Apex Predator
Signal Type - B-14
Innume - Vorticism
Scape One - Simulacra
Defekt - CV1
Q-Chip - Pleasure Anxiety
Annie Hall - Curie (Sync 24 remix)
Faceless Mind - Ocean Movers (Vcs2600 Science Remix)
Dark Vektor - Superando

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro on Intergalactic FM

Maelstrom - Fragment
Thomas Kress - Military Industrial Complex
Ashtar Lavanda - Gratiot Shake
Versalife - Spacts
Assembler Code & Jensen Interceptor - Type2
John Selway - Brainchild
Cem3340 - Sedna
Animistic beliefs - Marianentrog Patrol
Datawave - Ixoran
Carlos Sicrock - Quadrant
Sound Synthesis - Xjenza Elektronika
Aquatronics - Hydrospheres
Kan3da - Scandinavium
Fabrice Lig - You Don’t Sleep
Drexciya - Andreaen Sand Dunes
Der Zyklus - Der Tonimpulstest

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This week's episode of @DarkScienceElectro we will have London-based DJ @kristopherhall - Co-founder of @brokntoys and now running a label called @subapical , he has been DJing since 2001. Episode 378 originally aired on 9/28/2018

Christoph De Babalon – How Long From Now?
Headnoaks – The Gas Station
Pakzad – Tension (Infiltrate Remix)
Redshift – Untitled
Clatterbox – Multipak
Clatterbox – Control Freak
Nomadic – Overpass
Manasyt – Mobile Pharmacy
Uexkull – All-Rac
FFT – Sensory Hyperlinkfft 3abstract1
Privacy – No Discussion
Phase Fatale – Reverse Fall
SC-164 – Assault on Your Assembly
Tipper – LED Down (Andrea Parker Remix)
SC-164 – Walker's Rights
Scanone – Orca

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Originally aired on 11/16/2018, the 385th episode of @DarkScienceElectro was mixed by @Vika_Lynx

Animistic Beliefs – Continuum Modelling
Sync 24 & Alienata – Confused
Gragee – Incarcerated
Silicon Scally – Fervidium
Chino – 404
L.F.T – Flare
Maelstrom – Scanner
Morphology – Wages Of Sin
Zeta Reticula – Reticulum
Gian – Purple Burglar
MMT-8 – Never been to Bristol
Maenad Veyl – Talon
Privacy – NCSC

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The 391th episode of @DarkScienceElectro originally aired on 1/4/2019

Ole Mic Odd - Myrgatroid
Dez Williams - Far Fetched
Paul Villard - Black Lab Coat
Carl Finlow - Nanotech (Morphology & Sync 24 remix)
Dark Vektor - Es Que No Lo Veis
Jensen Interceptor - Shadow Network
Arp 220 - Mirage
DVS NME - Redesigned
Koova - Phobos Grunt
Machino - Eco
Fleck ESC - Carbon Heat
Dibu-Z - Dark Waters
Obergman - ESQ

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Thanks to @daniel troberg for his guest mix on @dark science electro today. Playlist as follows

-=UHU=- - Space Kid Song
Andrea Parker - Unconnected
Bernard Parmegiani - En Phase
Simon Krusell - Future 606
Lab Rat XL - Lab Rat 3
DJ Overdose - Reinforcements
CiM - Shift
LFO - Moistly
SFV Acid - Westfield Topanga Copy 2
AFX - Where’s Your Girlfriend
Chaos - Cosmic Osmosis
Machino - Suffocating Nacionalismo
Drvg Cvltvre - Jericho Flats
Chaos A.D. - Mind War Electro
Cassegrain - Trappist (The Mover Remix)
-=UHU=- - Humans Act Like Robots
Creepy Autograph - Lipstick & Hold
Bruna - Don’t Give Up
FFT - Astract5
Model 600 - Update

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro on Intergalactic FM … ce-electro

This week's episode of @dark science electro was the 400th episode since the start of the show in 2010.

Jensen Interceptor - Quiet Earth
Cygnus - Sheffield Bleep
Animistic Beliefs - Resequenced DNA
The Exaltics - I Want You (feat Egyptian Lover)
DeFeKT - I Am Here
Franck Kartell - L Illusion Du Hasard
Aquatronics - Frequency
Cignol - No Reply From 806
Lectromagnetique - Higher State Of Consciousness
Galaxian - Decoy
Hadamard - My Education
AUX 88 - Electro Slaves

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Today's installment of @dark science electro was mixed by @the-hacker - His playlist is his usual flawless blend of Electro, Techno and EBM. The mix is available on Soundcloud now!

Jensen Interceptor - Ultramax
The Hacker - Body Diktat
Front 242 - Never Stop (Gesaffelstein edit)
Gabe Guernsey - You Can (Hacker remix)
The Neon Judgement - Fashion Party
Commuter - Unknown Title
Dopplereffekt - Master Organism (Gesaffelstein edit)
Djedjotronic - Cellular
Thomas Heckman - Unknown Title
Djedjotronic - 102
Jensen interceptor - Unknown Title
Kraftwerk - It’s More Fun To Compute (Hacker edit)
The Hacker - Cute Heels (LA4A remix)
Adriani & Amato - Untitled
Marco Passarani - Unknown Title
Anthony Rother - Destroy Him My Robots

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The 406th episode of @DarkScienceElectro originally aired on Friday, April 19th at 20:00 GMT via Intergalactic FM.

Alex Jann - Computoid.Transmission.X (Animistic Beliefs remix)
Gucci Bass - Panther
Exzakt - Above (Brice Kelly remix)
Ashtar Lavanda - Moth
DVS NME - Within The Machine
Drexciya - Lake Haze
Crossmods - Electric Diamond
Luxus Varta - Sex After Midnight
OorsprongPark - Moderne Tanzmusik
Kavinsky - Night Call (Ran-D remix)
Alonzo - Bedtime Dreams
MetaComplex - Android DNA
Plant43 - Frozen Monarch
Fukkt - Good Home Sweet

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For the 411th episode of @DarkScienceElectro we travel to the Belgian capital of Brussels for a non-stop highlight mix of @Datawave – Influenced by local radio shows and well-organized series of underground parties in Belgium, Gaetan, then 17, quickly became an Electro enthusiast. In 2002 he started deejaying and shortly thereafter began composing his own sounds under the moniker @Datawave in 2010. The now 35-year-old producer mainly uses Ableton, Reason and a Bass Station 2 to produce the music you will hear in this non-stop mix. Gaeten has since gained support from DJ’s like @dave-clarke-dj-sets, @dvsnme, @jensen-interceptor, @umek and others. In additional, he has shared the stage with the likes of @manasyt, @cosmicforce and RA-X. On a personal note, I have loved the music of @Datawave since stumbling on his Soundcloud account in early 2017 and am very excited to share this with you. His music draws on the sounds of Carl Finlow, @Anthony-Rother, Drexciya and Kraftwerk while still managing to build on the sound. This special non-stop artist highlight was prepared for @DarkScienceElectro & I hope you all enjoy the music of this future master just as much as I do.

Live DSE set by Datawave:

Datawave resources:
Soundcloud: @datawave

Lost Orbit
Source Code
Stratoforms (B Version)
Misty Shores
Celestial Sphere
White Sun
Back To Earth
Static Impulse

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro on Intergalactic FM

Blixaboy - Digitalspy 6HG
Aether Pilot - Rotormen
Sergey Timoshov - UR-38 365
Syrte - Obedience Paradox
CYRK - Solar Mechanics
False Persona - Catalyst
Arsonist Recorder - React
Relaxant - Bacterial Injection
Plastic Sleeves - Journey Home (Textasy remix)
Metroneem - Skip Code
Das Muster - Wellenformen
DVS NME - Commanding Heights