Topic: Metal Fix Mix

I'm sure there are some balding metal heads in their 40s on here  big_smile 
I was supposed to DJ at a metal night here in China.
But the metal night was cancelled, will be rescheduled.
Well, I recorded a mix yesterday. I went a bit crazy - 60 tracks, more than 2 hours of metal mayhem.
All the stuff I love. Pretty varied. There will be something you haven't heard, for sure.
If you are having a shitty day (or year hahah), this will fit right in. Car listening might be dagerous!  lol
Play loud, enjoy the ride and be easy on your neck  cool

Downloadable link (tracklist included) : … sp=sharing


Chant of Oblivion - Possessed
Die By My Hand - Coroner
Blacklist - Exodus
Dark Signs - Prong
Tongues & Knives - Alchemist
Wolverine Blues - Entombed
The Only Way - Misery Loves Co.
Devil In My Eyes - Obliveon
The Opening - Spotlights
Tower Of Silence - Cathedral
Fantasi - Halshug
Apokalypsens Svarta Änglar - Skitsystem
Executioner's Tax (Swing of the Axe) - Power Trip
Ghost War - Sarke
Beneath the Relics of Old - Ravencult
Monster Skank - Infectious Grooves
Psycho Psycho - Nasty Savage
F.E.B.N. - Trash Talk
Under Hooves - Caffeine
Sentenced To Life - Black Breath
Voyage of the Disturbed - Mortal Sin
Clashing Iron - Vulture
Blood On Your Hands - Killing Joke
Ghoulunatics - Ghoul
Concrete - Batillus
Stranded - Gojira
Reckoning Force - Enforced
The Sound Of Violence - Onslaught
Ethereal - High on Fire
Saturation Bombing - Distillator
Operation Z - Hail Of Bullets
No "W" - Ministry
Critical Mass - Nuclear Assault
Red Leaves - Earth Ship
Scorched Earth - Adrestia
Disrate - The Levitation Hex
Hallucigenia - Antiverse
Bed Crumbs - Fudge Tunnel
Lotion - Deftones
Crazy Love - Gruntruck
Insane - Cavalera Conspiracy
Dead By Dawn - Infinite Translation
Hard Times - Cro-Mags
Terminate - Gurd
Capsule - Baptists
The Burning of Salem - Witchery
Chimes At Midnight - Mastodon
To Build A Mountain - Crowbar
Gambling on the Richter Scale - Kowloon Walled City
The Death Of Innocence - Dark Angel
Sold Baptism - Morgoth
Taurus - Mantar
From Beyond - Like Rats
Parricide - Razor
Heartburn in G - Sheer Terror
Concrete Jungle - Fusion Bomb
Bleed the Fifth - Iron Reagan
Cult - Evile
Kluskap O'Kom - Voivod
Agony of Defeat - Sepultura

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