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Sound Clod … va-7-abril
Manx Cud

Show number seven of WE FORFEIT on Madrid's Radio Relativa with two hours of chat, from our house and heart.
Music from the likes Gescom, Micahel Fakesch, Lord of the Isles, John Beltran and loads more. from 12.00 to 14.00 CET (11.00 to 13.00 GMT.)
Edición número siete del WE FORFEIT, dos horas de música desde nuestra casa y corazón.
Música Gescom, Micahel Fakesch, Lord of the Isles, John Beltran y mucho mucho más. Desde Madrid a través Radio Relativa ( a partir de las 12.00 a 14.00 CET (11.00 a 13.00 GMT.)

Gescom :: Keynell 1 (Skam)
L’usine :: Charydis (Isophlux)
Metal Beast :: Upcgriqr(L'usine remix) (Eat This)
Michael Fakesch :: Sega (Musik Aus Strom)
John Beltran :: Wet With Rain (De:tuned)
Scanner :: Eros (Bitten By The Black Dog) (De:tuned)
Lord Of The Isles :: Galicia (Shevchenko)
The Actors Pedantry :: House (Ampoule)
Boy Robot :: Your Neighbour (City Centre Offices)
DJ Stefan Egger :: Cosmic Esmeralda (Antinote)
Dutch Dream Girls :: TMF 1996 (Mothball)
Shitcluster :: Love Machine (Bio Rhythm)
Frak :: Dimthings (In The Dark Again)
Underground Resistance :: Mercury Bearing
Savage Grounds :: Motoric (Lux Rec)
Torrent :: Order Blacklist No. 17 (Schrodinger's Box)
Mater Suspiria Vision :: Book Of Eibon(Parasols Remix)(Giallo Disco)
@Snuffo :: Body to Body (KSTS Remix)(Clasicos Del Ruido)
Aviador Dro :: Cromosomas Salvajes (Mecanica)
Pantser Fabriek :: Keine Zeit (Bunker Records)
Beau Wanzer :: He Spilled My Drink (L.I.E.S. Records)
Smersh :: Hard Wired (Dark Entries)
Stage :: I Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind (Delivery Records)

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Sid Could : … co-spezial
Max Could : … -02062020/

Today : Show number eight, Italo Disco Spezial, of WE FORFEIT on Madrid's Radio Relativa with two hours of italo packed action as the lads lead you from 1980 to 2020.
Music from the likes Number One Ensemble, Fred Ventura, Brando, Brand Image and loads more. from 16.00 to 18.00 CET (15.00 to 17.00 GMT.)

Hoy : Edición número ocho, Italo Disco Spezial, de WE FORFEIT, dos horas llenas de italo mientras los tíos guían el camino a partir 1980 a 2020.
Música por Number One Ensemble, Fred Ventura, Brando, Brand Image y mucho mucho más. Desde Madrid a través Radio Relativa ( a partir de las 16.00 a 18.00 CET (15.00 a 17.00 GMT.)

Number One Ensemble :: Love Express (Radio Records)
Number One Ensemble :: Down To The Disco (Radio Records)
Den Harrow :: To Meet Me (Hole Records/Hispavox)
Squash Gang :: I Want An Illusion (ZYX Music)
Angie :: Clouds (CBS)
Brando :: Rainy Day (ZYX Music)
Brando :: What Now My Love (Victoria)
Duke Lake :: Do You (Memory)
Brand Image :: Are You Loving (ZYX Music)
Forbidden Fruits :: Disco Halloween (Delivery Records)
Daniela Poggi :: Break Up (Hysteric Edit) (Bordello A Parigi)
Fred Ventura, Alden Tyrell & I-f :: Streets Allright (Viewlexx)
A Visitor From Another Meaning Featuring Fred Ventura :: Neon Lights (Bordello A Parigi)
Fred Ventura :: When I Let You Down (Savino Remix) (Bordello A Parigi)
M&G :: When I Let You Down (Sensation Records)
Denis & Denis :: Ti I Ja (Bartoszeck Edit) (Frigio Records)
Night System :: Flight to Zanzibar (Flemming Dalum Remix)(Cyber Dance Records)
Kano :: Another Life (Full Time Records)
Model 500 :: The Chase (Smooth Mix) (R&S Records)
Time :: Shaker Shake (Dub Version) (Fly Music)
Vertical67 :: Let’s Dance (Magic Waves)
Evelyn Thomas :: High Energy (Record Shack Records)
Lime :: Do Your Time On the Planet (Polydor)


Wee mix from playing back in Madrid in January. … io-012320/ … cio-230120
Tracklist ::
Boytronic :: Bryllyant (33 1/3 Plus 8 Remix) (Dark Entries)
Repeated Viewing :: He’s Here (Antoni Maiovvi’s None More Cosmic Remix) (Disko Obscura)
Jonny 5 :: Bengali Dub (Bahnsteig 23)
Yello :: Desire (Polydor)
Crazy Gang :: Telephone Computer (Edit) (Flexx)
Rimini Rimmers :: Oppio Mane (Nufragio)
Kirlian Camera :: Helden Platz (Dark Entries)
Timothy J. Fairplay :: Night Strike On Fish Island (Charlois)
Pakrac :: Breakpoint (Fenix Fire)
Void Vision :: Sour (Vanzetti & Sacco Remix) (Mannequin)

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Re: We Forfeit Mixes

Soundcloud : … ith-cignol
Mixcloud : … -29062020/

Cornflakes & Paul Cignol today/Desayuno con Paul Cignol hoy on/a través @ 12.00 to 14.00 CET

Music and chat with a selection from Cignol on/Música y conversación con una seleción por Cignol por:
Lunar Disko Furthur Electronix Distant Worlds Computer Controlled Records Analogical Force and more including All City Records
The Parallel :: Sentinel (Signal Code)
Mark Du Mosch :: Nexus5 (Signal Code)
Costelloe :: Moon Transmission (Signal Code)
Cignol :: Quest (Analogical Force)
Cignol :: Galway Acid (Computer Controlled Records)
Who is Cignol? Where are you from? What is your musical aim?
Cignol :: Role Player (Alphabet Set)
How did you first become interested in electronic music? Who were the first artists who grabbed your attention?
Man Parrish :: Hip Hop Bebop (Polydor)
AFX :: .215061 (Rephlex)
Reload :: Peschi (Evolution)
When did you decide to start making music? Have you always wanted to make music?
Cignol :: Unkey (Alphabet Set)
The trademark sound of the TB303, its melting acid tones, is one of the central tenets Cignol’s style. Why do you think that specific sound still resonates with you and other artists?
Luke Slater :: I Love Acid (Warp)
You are based in Dublin. What is the music scene like there? Club nights? Records shops? Labels of note?
Anno Stamm :: Das ANNO STAMM Theme (All City)
Anno Stamm :: The Cities I Waltzed Through (All City)
Sias :: Milk Harbour (Jheri Tracks)
GB (Gifted & Blessed) :: Dogon (All City)
You’ve worked a lot with Lunar Disko from Dublin, how did that relationship start?
Cignol :: Teatoaster (Lunar Disko)
Cignol :: Subprimes (Lunar Disko)
You’ve worked with a number of other labels as well. How are you connecting with imprints? Or is it them connecting with you
Cignol :: Near Earth Objects (Distant Worlds)
How are you making your music? Are you a hardware man or kore software or a mix of both?
Cignol :: Chorus Envy (Seagrave/Libertine/Furthur Electronix)
You played here in Madrid about a year or so ago. Are you doing many live shows these days? How do you feel about them? Any plans to come back here?
Cignol :: The Observable Universe (Furthur Electronix)
What are the plans for the future? A busier release schedule? Other projects?
Cignol :: Modularity (Distant Worlds)
A guilty pleasure number to end on?
Desireless :: Voyage Voyage (RMA)

First broadcast on on June 29 2020.

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Re: We Forfeit Mixes

Poundcloud : … ish-labels
Mezclanube :

Tomorrow / Mañana 08/09/2020 12.00-14.00 CET

Starting a new season with something special, a two hour focus on some of our favourite on Spanish labels.

Empecemos la nueva temporada con algo especial, un foco de dos horas de algunos de nuestros favoritos sellos de España.

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