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The song of the Gray catbird is a rather jumbled affair

01. William Barklow and Robert J. Lurtsema - Introduction and Loon Call Identification
02. Klaus Wiese – Tibetische Klangschalen I (Pt. 1)
03. General Magic & Pita - Funk Fridge
04. Anadol - Ay Çürüdü
05. Sebastian Gandera - Le Chant Des Rues
06. Randy Greif / Dan Burke - Utter Back Fields
07. General Magic & Pita - Phunk Fridge
08. Andree Griffin - Various Calls of Birds Commonly Heard in the North Queensland Tropical Rainforest
09. Vital Body Marketing - Rain Forest
10. Peder Mannerfelt - Lines Describing A Circle
11. Nigel Tucker – Song Birds
12. Peder Mannerfelt - Rhythm Inflection

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That first track is amazing, Lurtsema voice is completely hypnotising

Let's get Dumb

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very interesting thanks, I'm on it

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Yeah agree its very relaxing.
Had some of those birdcassettes as a kid...

Hope you like mekonin!