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The Brvtalist is proud to present a special edition mix from MANASYt. Active since 2003, he's responsible for a vast array of menacing titles on labels such as Bunker, Touchin' Bass, Kommando 6 and Musar. Conjuring an alchemy of electro, EBM, post-punk and more, MANASYt follows no trends and adheres only to his own passion for the genre. Today we are thrilled to host this striking mix of post-punk and dark wave which contains tracks released on Detriti Records as well as a Q&A with the Bulgarian artist now based in China.

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Sigita Seyr - Vita Iter Est Neque Finis
Words and actions - Tutto Passa
The Serfs - Ringing the Changes
Parole E Azioni - Fais Confiance Au Soldat Allemand
Silent EM - Gris
Nauchnyy Sotrudnik - Gadkaya Bodema
Psihokratija - Who Is Alive Who Is Dead
Silent EM - Pure Heart
Cendre Froide - Nocturne
Das Das - Nein Nein Nein
Ascending - L'unica Certezza
South Heights - Nachtkriecher
Words and actions - Un Fiume Nero
Ascending - Untitled 1
Ascending - Untitled 4
Dusty Idols - Magnis Itineribus
Novosti kulturi - Kvarz
Ascending - E Tu Reagisci
Ces Cadaveres - Postrados
Villes Nouvelles - Leaders
Evrydika BA2O37 - Golod
Villes Nouvelles - Kalt
La Punta Bianca - Smell Of Paint
Ascending - Istinto primordiale
Karl Kave - Schwarzwiisi Tr‰um
Karl Kave - Lieber Vorw‰rts
Blind Seagull - Pressure
The Serfs - Vanishing Act
Das Das - Ich Bin Leer
Winded - No Known

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