Topic: Starborough's Tana Del Coniglio Mix

Starborough's Tana Del Coniglio Mix … niglio-mix … iglio-mix/

Italo disco in the mix for Intergalactic FM. Recorded live on January 28th 2023 at the Starborough Mansion, Dordrecht using my Pioneer CDJ1000MK2 and MK3 and an Omnitronic TRM202-MK3.

Broadcast Ferbruari 3rd 2023 on Intergalactic FM: No Station Such Dedication!

1. G.J. Lunghi - Acapulco Nights
2. Hugh Bullen - Night Girl
3. Glam - More Than Ever
4. Hot Cold - I Can Hear Your Voice
5. Fred Ventura - Love Theme From Flexxy Ball
6. Chris Luis - The Heart Of The City
7. Brando - Rainy Day
8. Angel - I Love The Night
9. Den Harrow - Future Brain
10. Valentino - Tonight
11. Midnight Passion - I Need Your Love
12. Chester - Hold The Line
13. Psychic Interface - Dancing In The Night
14. Jonathan Gable - Central Park

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Re: Starborough's Tana Del Coniglio Mix

Heard it on the stream the other day, there was much Italo-Karaoke going on, thankful I was in the car so no innocent victims were harmed. lol

Glam- more than ever...slays me, every ..single...time.

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