Re: We Forfeit Mixes … lo-moderni … -16032022/

Clay Pedrini :: New Dream (I.D. Limited)
Who is Adrián Marth and what is Italo Moderni?
Adrián Marth :: Disorder (Wrong Era/ Italo Moderni)
Rapha :: V More Karabli (Italo Moderni)
How did you become influenced in electronic music and, in particular, italo? Who are your influences?
Adrián Marth :: Black Ritual Witches (Wrong Era/ Italo Moderni)
Why did you decide to set up your own label? What style is Italo Moderni pursuing?
Journeyman :: Something Dies In The Soul (Day mix) (KosmoramaDisco)
Win2Win :: Fantasia 500 (Wrong Era)
L&O::Even Now (La Musique Fait La Force)
Shortly after you started this project, the world entered into a pandemic. How were you able to adapt and continue to develop your label and yourself as a performer?
Anne Clarke :: Our Darkness (Virgin)
Petra & Co :: Just Let Go (Dub) (La Musique Fait La Force)
Your live show has seen you perform in events such as IFM streaming festival and at the Operator stage at Ombra in Barcelona. What is your process for performing live? Is it different to how you create music in the studio?
Adrián Marth :: Adrian Marth - Experiment Man (Italo Moderni)
You’re based in Barcelona, but your collaborations and various artist compilations draw artists from all over the continent. How do you find artists to collaborate with? What do you look for when you want to work with an artist?
Chino :: Shoplifters (Italo Moderni)
Italo disco continues to see a resurgence in popularity. Why is this genre so endearing?
Larry Day :: Fashion Girl (I.D. Limited)
Alba :: Philomena (Aube)
Suicide Booth :: Aura (Das Drehmoment)
How is the music scene in Barcelona?
Mata Hari :: Mata Hari Mata Hari (Blanco y Negro/Bordello A Parigi/Moustache)
It appears that the electronic scene in Spain favours darker sounds: we’ve already spoken of Ombra festival, countless artists talk of their love of post-punk and industrial while labels like barro, fill-lex and soil really push this sound. Why do you think darkness continues to be so prevalent in the Spanish scene?
Boris Divider :: Parallel (Arcanoid remix version 2) (Frigio)
What are you releasing next? Any snippets for us?
Timothy J. Fairplay :: Altar Room (Italo Moderni)
Univac :: Aegis(Italo Moderni)
What do you have planned for the future? (tours/shows/record releases etc. remember this interview will probably air mid february)
And to finish,, what is a guilty pleasure track for you?
Axxess :: Dancing Shadows (Lamborghini/Medical Records)

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Re: We Forfeit Mixes … nationshit

¡Muchísimas gracias Carlos!
Mynationshit :: Little Blue Housecoat (Waste Editions)
Mynationshit :: Dull Mentor (Waste Editions)
Copy :: Hard to Care(Audio Dregs)
CiM :: Do Not Multiply Models (DeFocus)
CiM :: By A River (DeFocus)
Voiski :: CDG MUC (Super 95)
Alako :: Spiral/Spacific (Notte Tempo)
Kettel :: Mauerbrecher (Lapsus)
Gimmik :: (Worm Interface/Lapsus)
Dead Husband :: Icebox (Waste Editions)
Vortice Mortale :: Voci Dal Nulla (Waste Editions)
Versalife :: Neogenesis (TRUST)
E.R.P. :: Sensory Process (Plant43 Remix) (Semantica)
Quadratschluz :: DYLD Djak-Up-Bitch (DUB)
Delayscape:: Voices Of Time (Noise to Meet You)
Jesu :: Consciousness (Avalanche)
Hørd :: Bodies#13 (Avant!)
9ToEarth :: Petal Of Ice. (Artificial Intelligence)
Telefon Tel Aviv ::  Not Breathing (Ghostly International)
Vertical Dimension :: Distorted Reality (Noise to Meet You)
Heinz Beauvaix :: Ruimteschip Em Ruimtemoster. (Cold Beat Records)
Undo &Casiowaves :: Call Me Tonight (Factor City)
Volta Cab :: Echo Park (Waste Editions)
Visonia :: Claroscuro (Frigio)
Emitió a través de Radio Relativa 08/04/22

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Re: We Forfeit Mixes … s-valencia

Grey House :: New Beats the House (Dark Entries)
John Beltran :: Brilliant Flood (Kassem Mosse & Mix Mup Remix) (Delsin)
DJN4 :: Bolognase (Emotional Rescue)
Gerd :: Planet F.D.M.X. (Mix 909) (Royal Oak)
Mutant beat dance :: vibrational nature (the spirit center) (Nation)
JTC feat. Rodger Devine :: The Monolith (Nation)
Paul Hardcastle :: 19-The Final Story (Chrysalis Records)
Pusscat :: Crack is Whack (Creme Organization)
Hyboid : Italians and Spacemen (Bordello A Parigi)
Kissing The Pink :: The Last Film (Medusa Edits)
An-i :: Gutz (Cititrax)
James T. Cotton :: The Boxx (Ghostly)
The Sun God :: The Library Of Babel (Bio-Rhythm)
VernoN :: Pfonk4dawgz (Night allery)
Qnete :: Grey City Anthem (ZCKR)
Front 242 :: Headhunter (Red Rhino)
Umwelt :: State of Matter (Shipwrec)
Gesloten Cirkel :: Zombiemaschine Acid (Murder Capital)
Philipp Gorbachev  :: 5th New Century Feat. Polina (PG TUNE)
Hugo Massien & DJ Haus :: Network Processor (Unknown to the Unknown)
Kraftwerk :: The Telephone Call (Kling Klang EMI)
Anbau :: Disco Z (Aspecto Humano)

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Re: We Forfeit Mixes … mora-rr-hq

Teo Mattress :: Fairfield (Speedin' Mix) (Tech Startup)
T&K Crew :: Memory Child (Balkan Vinyl)
?? :: ?? (Mind Records)
Kraftwerk :: Radioactivity (Francois Kervorkian 12" Remix) (Kling-Klang)
Leonid :: Mind Control (Lunar Disko Records)
Costalloe :: Moon Transmission (Slowburn Remix) (Signal Code Records)
Flux Of Pink Indians :: Nothing Is Not Done (Vinilette Edit)(Frigio)
Heaven 17 : Play to Win (Traxx Edit)
Neud Photo :: Simulations (Pylon/Custom Craft)
Timothy.J.Fairplay :: Autoduel(Pinkman Records)
I-F :: Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass (Viewlexx)
Metropolis :: ?? (Pinkman Broken Dreams)
Roberto Auser :: Unscarred (Lunatic Rec.)
En Direct :: Willingness (Lunatic Rec.)
Principia Audiomatica :: Distorted Information (Alert Command Remix)(Frigio)
Mutant Dance Beat :: ?? (??)
? :: ?? (??)
Asymetric80 :: Dark Lights(Aspecto Humano)
Voidloss :: Dominion (HC Records)
?? :: Sharevari (??)
?? :: ?? (??)
Dee Jay Bert & Eagle :: Import (Alessandro Adriani Dub Remix)
Lata Ramasar :: The Greatest Name That Lives (Alessandro Adriani Remix)

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Re: We Forfeit Mixes … e-11062022 … -11102022/

WE FORFEIT are back, fresh after the Summer heat waves. And we’ve got a gem from June in Valencia where a very special night took place. With a glut of djing talent, WE FORFEIT inaugurated their first night with their good friend Nico aka Neud Photo.
With releases on Bordello A Parigi, Mysidian, Pinkman and Soil, Nico has an impressive back catalogue. In Killing Time the U.S. born synth artist delivered an incredible live set, one that we have recordings of for this first of the season.
Alongside Neud Photo we’ve got mixes from Chris, Robbie and Nahuel all recorded in La Discotekah.

WE FOREFIT ha vuelto, fresco después de las olas decalor. Tenemos una joya de junio cuando hubo una noche muy especial en Valencia. Con un montón de talento, WE FORFEIT inauguró su primera noche con nuestro buen amigo Nico aka Neud Photo. Con referencias de Bordello A Parigi, Mysidian,Pinkman y Soil, Nico lleva un discografía muy impresionante. En Killing Timeel nativo de EE.UU entregó una sesión increíble, una sesión que tenemos por la primera edición de la temporada. Con Neud Photo tenemos los mixes por Chris, Robbie y Nahuel que había grabada en La Diskoteckah

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Re: We Forfeit Mixes

Derek Carr :: Arrival (Firescope)
Morphology :: Karma Files (Analogical Force/Firescope)
Morphology :: Man-made Woman (Abstract Forms/Firescope)
Morphology :: Convince the Computer (diametric./Firescope)
Arne Weinberg :: (diametric.)
John Shima :: Digital001 Mode of Force (diametric.)
Mono Junk :: Love Divine (Cold Blow)
The Jaffa Kid :: Patch (Cold Blow)
RX-101 :: T.p.o.s.m (Suction)
The Jaffa Kid :: Lef (Suction)
Gilbert :: Ylem (030303)
Moy :: Walker Effect (Masa Series)
Promising Younger ::  Easy Love (Analogical Force)
No Moon :: Where Am I (Mechatronica)
Alpha 606 & Sync 24 :: Forrest Communication (Cultivated Electronics)
R.E.C :: Terminal State (Djax-Up-Beats)
Obi & Charlie Hall :: Dreamtech (Transmigration)
Alessandro Adriani :: A3 PR 004 - XIII (Mannequin Records)
Fred Ventura :: Lost Memories (Mannequin Records)
Dust :: C U in Hell (Mannequin Records)
Alessandro Parisi :: Space Machine (Slow Motion Records)
Hesperius Draco :: Tronitum Domini (Frigio Records)
Cignol :: Public Expenditure (Lunar Disko)

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Re: We Forfeit Mixes … telligence

Autechre :: Egg (Warp)
Gescom :: Keynel (Ae Remix) (Skam)
Up! :: Spiritual High (+8/Warp)
Speedy J :: De-Orbit (Beam Me Up/Warp)
Florence :: Vineyard (Moving Mix) (Eevo Lute/Delsin)
B12 :: Telefone 569 (B12/Warp)   
L.A. Synthesis :: Reprise (De:tuned)
Polygon Window :: Supremacy II (Warp)
IAO :: Mongel Hordes (Warp)
Beaumont Hannant :: Utuba (Warp)
Beaumont Hannant :: Molten (GPR)
Beaumont Hannant :: RS364C (GPR)
Translucent :: Light of Dawn (Jelly Jam Records)
Stephen Lopkin :: Welcome to Nowhere (M>O>S)
Roger Van Lunteren :: IRF4 (Firescope)
Steven Rutter :: Going Through Life (Firescope)
Global Communication :: Incidental Harmony (Dedicated)
Kenny Larkin :: Maritime (Warp)
Aphex Twin :: Pulsewidth (Apollo)

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Re: We Forfeit Mixes … ks-of-2022 … -16012023/

Heinrich Dressel :: Promenade (Lunar Disko)
Ash In October :: Greater Crime (Mothball)
Galaxian :: Out of Balance (Shipwrec)
Galaxian :: Code of Existence (Shipwrec)
Galaxian :: Without Form (Shipwrec)
Ard Bit :: Seppuku (Phainomena)
John Beltran :: Sunflower (Delsin)
Mr Ho :: Bail-E (Klasse Wrecks)
Sound Synthesis :: Transfer Your Energy (Distrito 91)
PQ17 :: Transition Point (Unusual Transmissions)
Kanyalang! :: Breakin Thru (Withhold)
Negative Glitch :: Just A Phase (Black Quasar)
Existential Wabbit :: Sensory Depravation (Black Quasar)
Sound Synthesis :: 303  (Nebulae)
Delayscape :: Baffled Cry (Early Version) (Noise to Meet You)
Stasis :: The Embrace (De:tuned)
Nuron :: Waiting for Nothing (De:tuned)
Sneaker :: The Flow (Uncanny Valley)
Cignol :: Binary Choices (HC Records)
Hard Ton :: Transcend Your Body (Schrödinger’s Box)
Gilbert :: Lucid Dreams (030303)
Morphology :: Plankton (AC Records./Firescope)
Taylor Dean :: Tell It To My Heart (Beats)

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Re: We Forfeit Mixes

Hour segment of a set played at Killing Time in Valencia on 11/06/22 alongside Neud Photo and Orco of Fill-Lex Records.
Played on IntergalacticFM a while back. … i-11-06-22

Anne Clarke :: Our Darkness (Warner)
Petra & Co :: Just Let Go (Dub) (    La Musique Fait La Force)
Luca Lozano :: Boss Moves (Running Back)
Unknown Artist :: Blue Monday (Hacienda Mix) (KK Editions)
Information Society :: What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy) (CBS/Sony)
Dream Weapons :: Feed on Acid (MRT)
Steve Murphy :: Man in a Box (Hot Haus)
Armando Gallop Featuring Sharvette :: Don't Take It (Thomos Edit) (BBE)
Unknown Artist :: Grossstadlichter (Créme Jak)
Chinaski :: Surfin' Dead (Bordello A Parigi)
Frankie Goes to Hollywood :: Two Tribes (Annihilation) (ZTT)

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Re: We Forfeit Mixes … nt-suction

Solvent :: My Blue Car (Suction)
Lowfish :: Spiders and Glass (Solvent remix) (Suction)
Lowfish :: Walking with Scissors (Suction)
µ-Ziq ::Tango N' Vectif (Rephlex)
L’usine :: Charydis (Isophlux)
Lowfish :: Arch Melvin (Suction)
Solvent :: Panel of Experts (Soul Jazz)
Adult :: Dispassionate Furniture (Ersatz Audio)
Perspects :: Desire & Efficiency (Ersatz Audio)
Solvent :: My Radio (Ghostly)
Solvent :: Fasten (Minimal Rome)
RX-101 :: Bloom (Part 1) (Suction)
RX-101 :: August ‘97 (Suction)
RX-101 :: Sys.rx.9.b013 (Suction)
Kübler-Ross :: Bridges (Ice Machine)
Ceramic Hello :: Gestures (Ice Machine)
Skanfrom :: Trains & Lines (Suction)
Digital Poodle :: Soul Crush (Suction)
CrusHerr :: Off The Planet (Dope Sheets)
Useless Idea :: Mello Tron (Suction)
June :: Navigation (Suction)
Solvent vs Lowfish :: CemBlex (CEM Rmx) (Vynalogica)
Solvent vs Lowfish :: Built-In Microphone (CEM Rmx) (Vynalogica)
Ceramic Hello :: Sampling The Blast Furnace (Suction)

Emitió por Radio Relativa 09/02/23

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Re: We Forfeit Mixes … vre-cometh

The gig:

00:00 a 58:00 WE FORFEIT

Chrome Corps - With Your Head
Maelstrom - La Nuit Est A Toi
Grischer - Ac(h)ab
Unknown Artist - Faramone Agent
Kör Boira - Bounce
Zeta Reticula - Host Star
Davit Error - Vicios Encubiertos
Analog Attack - Analog Attack
Beau Wanzer - Flesh Flush
Panster Fabriek - Maschinen
Kord - Gräns
Orphx - Transmutation
Betek - Avalanche
Tuning Circuits - No Compassion
Ultradyne - Dr. Blowfin’s Experiment (XIX Mix)
DeFeKT - MG1


Lfdm - mixing blood
Anthony rother - machine
Anthony zorin - ccontrol
Came to Roost - The Rooster
Omar S - coming home mum
8 ball juice - rejekto power (zuid edit)
Ekman - operation basswood
Pearl river sound - swordsman acid
G.t.o. - the ripper
Nm the effaith - lost
Drvg Cvltvre - bare bones
Drvg Cvltvre - the crazies are coming
Brecc - Irony
Uncrat - uncr38d on acid
Drvg Cvltvre - techno has become a capitalist tool
Yung acid - pale rose
Refracted - erre
Patrick DSP - Fight Me
Drvg Cvltvre - bunkerpunch

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Re: We Forfeit Mixes … xtape-wldv … -17042023/

Goblin :: Flashing
Dressel Amorosi :: Naked Body Found In Campitelly (Bordello A Parigi)
Composite Profuse :: Pyscho Session (Minimal Rome)
Skanfrom :: Data 6 (Suction)
WLDV :: Laying Down on Cosmic Dust (Bordello A Parigi)
Neil Landstrumm :: B Meats (Giallo Disco)
Varum :: Dusky (Varum)
Robyrt Hecht :: Earning (Yuyay)
VR System :: Electro Queen (Clear Memory)
Planet Love :: The Last Realm of Magic (return_backspace)
Planet Love :: The First Era (return_backspace)
Athens Computer Club :: Trips, Slips and Broken Hips (To Pikap)

01.- G.G.F.H - Plasterchrist
02.- Lords Of The Future - Nothing Lasts Forever
03.- Alejandro Paz & Mijo - Tecnovela (Eddie Mercury Remix)
04.- Monkeyshop - Barbara!!! Buy A Monkey?
05.- Ziggy - Amfobia
06.- Roswell Brothers Feat. Nyx - Closed World (Favio Inker Remix)
07.- John Noseda - Climax
08.- Mickey Dagger - I Want To Be A Cowboy (Antoni Maiovvi Mix)
09.- Michael Fortvne & Fausto - Fantoche (Ali X X Ximena Remix)
10.- Radikal Kuss; HIV+ - Mujer Única
11.- Anti Yo - Loc Nar Logic
12.- Captain Mustache feat. The Advent - Computer Monkey (Legowelt Remix)
13.- WLDV - Never Alone

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Re: We Forfeit Mixes

Lisa G :: Call My Name (ZYX)
Cute Heels :: Litua (Schrödinger’s Box)
Mark Du Mosch :: Too Much (Schrödinger’s Box)
Lerosa :: Background Check (Lunar Disko)
Cignol :: Somewhere in Your Mind (Nocta Numerica)
Sound Synthesis :: Electric Flux (Distorted Sensory Perception)
Cover Boys :: Reality (Glossy Mistakes)
Ambra Orfei :: Love Me Too (Próxima)
Christal :: Lady Fire (Iventi)
Farron :: Britanic Surfers (Voitax)
DHS :: The House of God (Dub) (High Fashion)
Daniel Monaco :: Acid María (Bordello A Parigi)
Yetsuby :: Bear Becomes The Human (Original Mix) (Jin Records)
Uf0 :: Vera Smile (Altered Sense)
EYE :: Luscinia (Knekelhuis)
CiM :: Bliss (Delsin)
Sohrab :: (Undersound)
Abrazas :: Your Miserable Dale Flag is not your true homeland (Soil Records)
UHF :: Ballad For Hal (Noise to Meet You)
ADJ :: Fight For Your Rights (Arkada)
Univac :: Sample This (30D Records)
Kafkactrl :: Dartmouth Proposal (Zement)
Francis Juno :: April (Mystic & Quantum)
Brand Image :: Love in the Summer Night (Blanco y Negro)

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