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This week on @DarkScienceElectro we take a listen to a mix from another newcomer to Electro.

@lordjalapenos is the monicker of French musician/DJ. He produces abstract Electro music and has done so for roughly a year. I was approached by him around the time he started publishing music to Soundcloud and was very impressed. So much so that I asked him to be a guest on @DarkScienceElectro - He is influenced by everyone from Dopplereffekt and Ivna Ji to other genres like Black Metal. You can check out the playlist below.

Catriel - 2 ʇuɐʍ n op
Sepehr - Divooneh
Lord Jalapeños - Lucid Dream/Eternal Cycle
Ludgate Squatter - Break
Delta Funktionen - Satellite Galaxies
Silicon Scally - Proton Mass
Pulsum - The Fear You Give To Me
Scorn - Who Are They Which One
XY0815 & Int Main - Rigid Body
The Spy - Paradox
Rapha - GO!
Alex Jann - The Age Of Confusion
Claro Intelecto - Peace Of Mind
Lord Jalapeños - Amaryllis
The Outsert - Euro
Syrte - Lifeform
Lord Jalapeños - Forbidden Radio Frequency
DJ Stingray 313 - Enzymatic Detergents
Hexalyne - Traces Set
Lord Jalapeños - Worst Enemy
Shedbug - The Chase
Geklaper - Equal Treatment

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For this episode of @DarkScienceElectro we check in with friend-of-the-show Rob Witschakowski, better known as @The-Exaltics

Starting in 2006 with the founding of the project by Nico Jagiella and Rob, The Exaltics have been a driving force in the popularization of the beloved genre we call Electro. The following year in 2007, after the inception of The Exaltics project, the duo created the label @Solar_One_Music - The imprint has released music from many amazing producers such as MSRG, Heinrich Mueller, Gesloten Cirkel, Obergman, Franck Kartell, Nullptr, Das Muster, ERP, Ekman, Gosub, and many more. In addition, there are a few sub-labels that are utilized as well, such as Between Places, Rattleznake, Unhöerbar. Hailing from the city of Jena in Germany, Rob has shared the stage with too many to mention and continued releasing quality music as @The-Exaltics having just released a retrospective album in 2022 which can be heard here: Solar_one_music – The-exaltics-retrospective The album covers his entire discography and is highly recommended by @DVSNME - Rob has been DJing for over 20 years and you can definitely hear that in his exclusive mix for @DarkScienceElectro - Buckle up and get ready for a deep, cinematic ride.

JLZ - Area 4 (Bem Vindo)

Lloyd Stellar - Modular Planets

Morphology - Inversion Layer

DL_MS - i gippeum

Morphology - Sentinel

The Fly Insect - Decay

The Fly Insect - An Afternoon With Mr.Gringe

DL_MS - Mountains

Zeta Reticula - Stars Wobble

Wavesense - Topography Data

Steffi - Seth Facing Brightness

Shcuro - Exclusion

Lloyd Stellar - Just hold on

Gen-Y - River of Light

Illektrolab - Temporal Interference

Niall Power - Sea Snake (Human Rebellion remix)

Passarani - Complex Alpha

Blackploid - Wire

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Saigg - Shambastic
Parallel Planet - Burnout
Cycloplex - Alarm Activated
MetaComplex - Algorithm Flow
No Hype Crew - Euler's Formula
Versalife - Polychron
DJ Godfather - You Can't Stop This
Luz1e - Sensitivity (ft Dalo)
DVS NME - Skeleton Crews
AUX 88 - Voice Modulation
ERP - Valley View
Kobol Electronics - Dynatron
Obergman - Gravitational Collapse
Lectromagnetique - Melitopol
T/Error - Matter Decrease (AL35510 remix)

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro … ce-electro

The Oscilloscope - High Trees
Gedankenexperiment - Radiation Vacuum
DVS NME - Skeleton Crews
Solar Chrome - Schatten Unseres Seins
Lazercat - Droplets
Fasme - A Year Master Jhnz
Erhalder - Chip Stress
Lwptch - Morning, Evacuate
Binary Digit - Now You Know My Name
Dip Shim - Digital Warfare
Binaural - Director
YTP - E.T.H.E.R.
CYRK - Attack Of The Blowup Dolls
Lunar Tropics - Venus In Virgo
CEM3340 - C-Funk
Drexciya - Dehydration (DVS NME rework)

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The 706th episode originally aired on 3/24/2023

Christian Kroupa - The Beginning Of Always
Dip Shim - Attestuppa
Xargathon - Clairaudience
DVS NME - Empty Suit
Fleck ESC - Copycat
Commuter - Foundation
Silicon Scally - Revelations
Ummo Science - Mmm Check
Bitstream - Monolith
Heliopause - Doppelspalt
Mutex - Binary Perceptions
Locked Club - Electro Raw
Annika Wolfe - Bent Truths
CYRK - Holographic
Gosub - Hunter


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The 707th episode of @DarkScienceElectro aired on 3/31/23

Kenneth X - Bunkerden
Terrestrial Access Network - Oceanside Panic
Solar Chrome - Voltage Response
Binary Digit - Electrozwerg Beat B
Binaural - Machine
No Hype Crew - Acid Funk
False Persona - Mind Heist
Dopplereffekt - Cerebral To Cerebral Interface
DJ Godfather - The Age Of A1
Pablo Leon - Space Trippers
Konerytmi - Trilleri
Ticco Ross - Lobster Nebula
Larionov - Solar Wind
DVS NME - Wage/Price Freeze
Obergman - Frequency Divide


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This Dark Science Electro label highlight is for Klakson Records

All of the tracks used in this mix can be purchased here:

Privacy - Go
Steffi&Stingray - Explanatory Power
D_Roots - Miami 21
Passarani - The Fixer
Fastgraph - Attack Vectors
The Hacker - Body Electric
Nullptr - Resilience
Late Night Approach - Luvequest
Luxus Varta - Holy Pressure
Pauli Jylhankangas - Inert Swingers
Mesak - Romu
Sepehr - Artificiality
Negroni Nails - Vertical Slice

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This @DarkScienceElectro label highlight is for @sciencecult

All of the tracks used in this mix can be purchased here:

Zeta Reticula - Ionization
Issu - Bleep
L-Pad - Skin Walker
Liebknecht - Barcelona (Syrte Descent)
Fleck ESC - Invisible
Lloyd Stellar - Time Anomalies
Arsonist Recorder - Heat Seek
Syrte - Obedience Paradox
Captain Mustache - The Mirror (feat Dave Clarke)
CYRK - Solar Mechanics
Syrte vs Visions Of Glosters - Satellite Funk (Syrte Intergalactic Uplink)
ROI - Lechon
Larionov - Access Denied
Ben Pest - Titanium Business
Carl Finlow - Monomers
Lord Jalapeños - Satelliet
Cygnus - My Style
BinaryFunction - We Will Destroy (Carl Finlow remix)
Hell & Sel - Save The Robots (John Selway mix)
Kim Cosmik - Unknown Territory

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Episode 711 of @DarkScienceElectro was published on 4/28/2023

Ninechecker - Generating Coastline
Ultradyne - Native Serenade
Alonzo - Cause & Effect
/DL/MS/ - Mountains
Artificial Arm - Welcome To Planet Funk
I-F - Energy Vampire
Vessel In Distress - Gojira
Das Muster - Augenschein
Ummo Science - Pluricosmos
Anthony Rother - Hacker
Franck Kartell - L Illusion Du Hasard
DVS NME - Autonomism
Solvent - An Introduction To Ghosts
CEM3340 - Highwheel
Otaku Front - Crave
Commuter - TS-19
CPU - Phone Call


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This episode of @DarkScienceElectro is comprised of tracks attained from new promos and Bandcamp Friday purchases made on 5/5/2023

Textasy & Kuldaboli - Filthy Bass Mechanik

Lectromagnetique - Thalium

T/Error - Neuromancer

Terrestrial Access Network - Oceanside Panic

Plant43 - Golden Waxcap

CH415 - Magnetic

Luke Eargoggle & Dataintrang - Landvetter Electro Launch

Fabio Vinuesa - Numbers

DVS NME - Class War

Verde - Xsolongy

KafkaCtrl - Limbic Crash

Reedale Rise - Driftwood

Milium - Lidl Darknet

Client_03 - Compliance

Deimos Defender - Dead Macro

Lowfish - Scarborough Brutalist

Cliff Dalton - Have Mercy


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Mechatronica is a record label, promoter, and music collective driven by a passion for the connection between humans, mechanics, and electronics. They release music, play music, and have held club night residencies at OXI and Sameheads in Berlin since 2012.

Fleck ESC - Maniacs

Le Chocolat Noir - Maximum Capacity Reached

Cestrian - Speak & Spell

Datawave - Stratoforms

Gravitational Effect - X-RAY Burst

Gamma Intel - Casual Power

Liebknecht - Frankfurt

DJ Di'jital - Return Of The Hacker

/DL/MS/ - Come Again

Vertical67 - Alienated

Sync 24 & Luke Eargoggle - Broken Electronic

Maelstrom - Heat Wave

Norwell - Bx442

L.F.T. - Red Pyramid

Zeta Reticula - Out Of Range

Luz1e - Sensitivity (feat Dalo)

Ben Pest - VCS Wig

Credit 00 - Let It Roll

Late Night Approach - Nausology

Shedbug - The Chase

Alex Jann - Infomaterial

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This episode is a two-hour journey into the discography of the legendary Dutch label Bunker Records - Founded by Guy Tavares in the early 90s, Bunker Records has long been a key institution of the wider Acid and Electro/Techno world. Over the course of the past 30 years, the label has been home to generations of producers from the local Dutch scene, as well as a wealth of talent from around the world.

All tracks found on this mix can be purchased here:

Plastic Sleeves - Robosexual
Interfunk - U Got My Number
Legowelt Vs Orgue Electronique - Pussy Noir
Nimoy - 1981
Legowelt - Electro Race
Novamen - Lekkage
Syncom Data - Planet
Kuldaboli - Vokuskoli
Mas 2008 - Love In My Eyes
Electronome - On The Scene
Franck Sarrio - Untitled
$tinkworx - Creeping Thru The Lower Levels
Luke Eargoggle - ...Lightness Of Being
Univac - Untitled
Ekman - Weakness Is Showing
Composite Profuse - Homeless Dweller
Cancerdog - Untitled
Hellboi - Enter The Void
DJ Technician - Never Ever
Rude 66 - The Covenant
Cestrian - Untitled 2
8Bit Rockers - Mit Seinem Komputer
Sendex - Analog Confusion
Q-Chip - E-Prime
Hadamard - At The C1000
Erikoismies - Untitled A1
Pametex - Untitled A1
240 Interceptor - Untitled B3
X-Plain - Untitled B2
Porn.Darsteller - L'ombres Des Heros
Unit Black Flight - Take On Efny
Shemale - The Surgeon
Manasyt & Beta Evers - Devotion

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Episode 715 of @DarkScienceElectro was published on 5/26/2023. It is a label highlight focused on the legendary label 'Breakin Records'. Established in 1997 by @dmxkrew, this UK imprint has a ton of releases under its belt featuring artists like Mandroid, Cylob, Computor Rockers, Faceless Mind, Cygnus, Bass Junkie and many more. This label highlight features some of my favorite tracks from the label's history.

Ceephax Acid Crew - Vox Alley
Bass Potato - Bass Machine
G.D. Luxxe - CanCrackCode
Bass Junkie - Breaker's Throwdown
Cylob - Klefdol
Mandroid - Computer Controlled
Computor Rockers - Techno Beats
Kitbuilders - Give It To Me
DMX Krew - DMX Bass (Instrumental)
Cygnus - Cyberspace
Afropolice - R Trick
EDMX - Perc Au Lait
Paul Blackford - 1991

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The 716th episode of DSE was originally published on 6/2/2023

This label highlight is dedicated to Touchin' Bass

All tracks used in this mix can be purchased on Bandcamp:

Cultek - Pressure Lock
The Wee DJs - Comby
Andrea Parker - Freaky Bitches (Clatterbox remix)
Chaotic State - Threat Con Delta
Hydraulix - Krunk
Sync 24 - I Don't Know
Clatterbox - Vector Model
Eggfooyoung - Pop And Lock
Andrea Parker - Bounce That Ass (feat DJs Assault and Godfather)
Sonarbase - Last Transit
ADJ - Deeptro
RD - The Birth Of Houdini's Voice
Andrea Parker - Unconnected
NonZero! - Inspector Alert
Bitstream - Astro Glide

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