Topic: Greg Wilson - Autodisco Mix - April 08

below is a link to a mix by greg wilson recorded live at our autodisco night at the reading rooms, dundee, in april of this year. the night showcased the very fine talents of the electrofunk legend plus optimo maestro jd twitch. they're both regular visitors to the city, but this was the first time they had played together at the same night and it really rocked.
this mix is greg's early set and it features a number of his new gw edits and remixes as well as current faves like pete herbert's edit of 'don't let go' and ray mang's version of 'holy ghost'.

there are also a few iamelectron/dicky trisco mixes available via this div share link (#1 contains half of the original 'happy bottom riding club' mix)


greg wilson autodisco mix tracklisting:

1. ruff edits 1 - adriano italiano

2. bar kays - holy ghost (ray mang edit)

3. rose royce - do your dance

4. disco deviance 04 - don't let go

5. west phillips - (I'm just a) sucker for a pretty face

6. fantastic four - I got to have your love

7. out in the sticks - forget m'edit

8. nick chacona & anthony mansfield - oh snap! (gw version)

9. chocolate star - the professor here (gw version)

10. shirley lites - heat you up (meltdown mix)

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