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It may come to a shock to many people but did you know that water powered cars are now a reality and are going into mass production ? - and yes before you blink your eyes - i did say WATER powered cars! - With all the hysteria about rising petrol prices and greenhouse gases, both the government and media have lead us to think that our current situation is simply hopeless because of they can't find an effective alternative to our over reliance on oil - but this is not true at all.

You may have remembered the post i did on Stan Meyer back ages ago (if not read it) - he was the guy who developed the car that ran on water but died suspiciously after he got media attention in the mid 90's and a week after he passed away all of his experiments, including his hydrogen car were mysteriously stolen from his house!. At the time modern science labelled his claims as pseudoscience and he was defamed by a court case saying his ideas were flawed. Thus the powers that be hoped that was last you would here of the Meyer device....

Well thanks to the Internet and the leaking of his inventions over the last few years many self motivated inventors world wide have applied his technology and developed it further. Infact - hundreds of people world wide have now replicated the Meyer device, powering their cars for free on water - proving that it indeed works!. To date momentum has gained to a point where kits are being sold all over the world to enable you to convert your car to water and larger companies are putting the technology into mass production:

The device basically uses high frequency electricity to induce super fast electrolysis of water. As you may know current science believes that electrolysis (breaking down of water into hydrogen & oxygen) is a very slow process - however what they never told you at school in science was electrolysis can be super accelerated with addition high frequency energy -as demonstrated in hundreds of Meyer device recreations worldwide - high frequency current accelerates the breaking of covalent water bonds exponentially - yielding masses of hydrogen gas very quickly. So  basically this means massive & instantaneous generation of energy available on the go!.

Obviously the ability to quickly produce massive amounts of energy from a source that is as free and widely available as water is a serious threat existence oil companies. They rely upon you and me to go back to fuel stations every week to make sure their daily billion dollar profits remain steady and unrelenting. So Naturally they have made sure that suppressing this technology remains their number 1 priory : Using their tremendous wealth and power they have gone to all levels of government , including influencing the DOE who sets up guide lines to design of modern car. And even to this day the threats to implementing the Meyer device remain very real - as noted by one researcher:

''After Every Water Car inventor, who once has car is advertised on TV or Newspaper, suddenly has the DOE, FBI, Sheriff, or IRS show up at their door, they tell you to stop with your car. They take your water car experiment away. They tear apart your garage looking for plans parts, everything you have may have been working on. Some get bought out. Some are poisoned. No joke. Or they disappear. Hard to believe, but I had heard this over and over again."'

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