Topic: Disco Panonia Vol 1

This is an older mix from the beginning of 2007 that was never uploaded anywhere but played a few times on CBS (this was one of the half hour mixes)

Artists in the mix are Lowfish, Kasko, Walter Jones, Videosex, Pet Shop Boys, Unit 4, Oppenheimer Analysis.

Disco Panonia Vol 1

Re: Disco Panonia Vol 1

Two divided by zero is one of the best Pet Shop Boys songs... cool! Is this a certain mix or the original? (haven't heard this song for a long time, so... wink )

Thx for the mix!

Kraftwerks achso graue Autobahn, Drexciyas achso blaue Aquabahn...

Re: Disco Panonia Vol 1

ur welcome!

that is the LP version..great tune, indeed one of their best ones