Topic: wanted

Been looking for these for awhile now, i'll try my luck here...

Porno Bass Squad - Splack At The Bass Motel (Pandisc) 1993 LP
B.O.S.E. - 808 Bass Express (LP) (got the cd, want LP)
Splack Pack - 4Life LP
(1995) Jam Pony Express - Lick It Down (Express EXP6000-2)
Boys From The Bottom - (1997) Ohh Baby Baby
Boys From The Bottom - (1994) Woo'p Side Ya Head
Boys From The Bottom - (1994) Lick My Ass (remix)
Boys From The Bottom - Lick My Ass (Original) Dirty (not lick my back)
Boys From The Bottom - (1994) Let's Get Bizzy
1992 - 2 Nazty - Indecent Exposure LP (Brother Marquis & DJ Toomp)
DJ Magic Mike & Royal Posse LP
MC A.D.E. - In The Arms Of Bass LP
AQ & Larche - I'm Your DJ
AQ & Larche - And My Beat Goes Boom
Kooley C & Jock D - Let's Get This Party Started Rmx
Jazzy Nice - Ain't No Thang
Erwin German & Sexy Lady - Beef Box
DJ Relite  - Sweat Tronic
The Alliance - 2 DJ's
Eric G & The Juice Troop - Something 4 My DJ
miami bass, ghettotech & electro