Topic: For sale: Sanyo MT-4240 boombox

I've recently found a nice Sanyo MT-4240 boombox (some of you may remember my post about it in the CBS forum back then) from 1982 and I'm selling it now. It's not exactly my style but I realize that tastes differs when it comes to boomboxes. I didn't put it up on eBay (yet) because:

- I like the idea of more direct sales to the enthusiast like you
- To make it visible to multiple international eBay sites I have to go through which gives me a real headache with the shipping price options because I'm not located in the United States
- The eBay/PayPal monopoly charges big bucks for these kind of transactions which is better invested in boxes

It's a very nice fully working box with a integrated 3.5 inch B/W TV. It's in very good cosmetic condition except for some heat damage on the back case and the handle. All details and photos can be seen here.

The box is located in Zurich, Switzerland and can be picked up there (Switzerland's a nice holiday destination BTW smile ).

International shipping won't be cheap (it's rather heavy at about 8 kg), I can offer to send it from a German post office for EU residents though to save some Euro).

Please PM me with questions and/or serious offers.

And now for some eye candy: