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here's a message from the other side.
All good here although a lot of work is being done behind the (computer) screens; no holidays as of yet here at the Complexx.
Nice to see the Robots alive and kicking here.

There is a few things that are going to change on our way to 'The New Thing

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'The New Thing

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Great news and good to know there will be a " New Thing".

Nice to have you again among us !

depress the repress

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I have the feeling This is gonna rock

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goed nieuws!

Heil CBS

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Nothing like the New Thing Baby

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nice djx or xdjx is alive and kicking

Vlam Aan

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computer working

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Future 's calling , sounds promising , courage for the extra work all that's  taking.

Erotic Ghetto

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Hm, nice to hear something from XRDJX.

And now, it's also clear, why Astro Unicorn Radio, CBS Prime Live & Ok Coolex dissapeared from rdj.net...

Kraftwerks achso graue Autobahn, Drexciyas achso blaue Aquabahn...

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The Future sounds great!




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Cheers smile

I didn't understand if the current files from robotdj are going to be removed or not?

XDJX wrote:

Robots who got their RobotDJ.net folder courtesy of the CBS will have to look for another place to stash their mixes or start a donation subscription since there is no more CBS to submit to.
Access to your folder will be suspended August 1st of 2008.

This means there will be no new files for those who don't "upgrade" their account, but all files stored in robotdj will still be there to download?

Thanks a lot !!!

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freakazoids, Robots, Please Report To The Dancefloor

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all the robotdj.net files will stay in place and be accessible for download; also new ones.
that quoted part is for a few robots who have an upload folder but no subscription.

☂ bezoek okiland !

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(i suppose) this is good news for sure! smile and even earlier than expected.
im really super curious about

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.."this world`s a bubble"..

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TNT is dyn-o-mite!

Awesome news!

Do it your way, because everyone else is just weird.

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best news today!!!

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Very good news stuff will happen, will it be something "wonderful"
Is that a trade mark sign next to The New Thing
sad about mixes goin off the server, been absolutely loving the astro unicorn shows the last week, just class! is smackos gonna put them up somewhere?

"positive mutation!"


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News cannot be bad everyday cool

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great news from the other sides! long life to the future!

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good to see the corporate jabs keep coming.
this time it's logistics giant TNT on the receiving end.
sure it's gonna blow a giant hole in the globe.

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already posted in comic dump but fit well for this occasion


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dans l'ombre du vendredi 13

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Im waiting with inpatience

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there is hope, i'm trying to not get too excited until the 'The New Thing

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Good to see you here XDJX.