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Everybody has different expectation of what a  Back to ??? mix should contain. The Stone Cold classics, even though you've heard them a hundred times.. you don't mind hearing them for the hundred and first.

Then theres the personal favourites that you remember from the time, that you associate with different times and places. These are the tracks which personalise the mix for me.

anyways..  The mix is here

Marshall Jeferson / Truth - Open your eyes (F knuckles mix) - FFRR
Mondee Oliver - Stay Close - 4th and Broadway
Joe Smooth - I'll BeThere - DJ International
Brandon Cooke feat Roxanne Shante - Sharp as a Knife - Club
Octagon Man - Free-er than Free - Vinyl Solution
The Night Writers - Let the Music (use you) - Danica
Total Science  - Just A Little Bit - Jumpin' and Pumpin'
Fingers Inc - Music Take Me Up - Jack Trax
Alternations - Feel it for You - RCA
Risque III - Essence of a Dream - Stride
Cultural Vibe - Ma Foom Bey - Easy Street
Rickster - Night Moves - Sound Pak
JD - I ain't gonna wait - Requestline
Sha-lor - Im in Love - Gertie
Jamie Principle - Your Love - Hot Tracks
Fallout - The Morning After - Fourth Floor
Total Maddness - The Sounds in Da air - Dopewax
The Lincoln Boys - Get up , Get Down - Dance Mania
Frankie Knuckles Presents Satoshi Tomiie - Tears - FFRR
Bang the Party - Bang Bang  You're Mine - Warriors Dance
Baby Ford - Crashing - Rhythm King
Inner City - Ain't Nobdy better - 10
A Guy Called Gerald - Voodoo Ray - Rham
New Blood - Touch Me (Te Queiro) - Smokin'

I did have  Definition of a track, Can you feel it, Searchin' Hard, Kariya, Dionne etc all lined up but I had to fit it all in 2 hours.

Done in one take, using 2 x 1210's -  270mb @320kbps



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Good choices. Grabbing this one for consumption.

"Tears" is a deep, modern and timeless masterpiece.

Do it your way, because everyone else is just weird.

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Downloading... "Risque III..." smile


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looking excellent and that sha-lor track isalong time favourite of mine, so check check!

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thanks man!

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good chance I'm gonna mail you again smile


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gonna listen on the way to the beach!!
thanx man

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so many great tracks, the 'personal' ones always got me-

I'll BeThere, Music Take Me Up, Your Love, Crashing

and one of my top 10 house tracks ever:  Let the Music Use You

Placid I still play your Nu Groove mixes all the time, keep on doin' it!

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As usual mister Placid, this one is excellent :-)

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Relight The Strobes !


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great stuff man!

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cool miX!



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grabbing this now, looks like top action. thanks P!

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huhu ,  dloaded part2 first , but can't ignoring the first onemister placid - got 404 here.  website down?

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404 here too

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404 for me, as well


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