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Hi guys...

I did not had the time to post a topic, but finally it's better like this, I hate to give bad news and this community messages are what surely could demostrate what x-bobo was giving to everybody... good music and love.

Here at kone and close friends we are still under the shock.. it's sill unbelievable... I will be carrying out all those words to the family.

hope he is enjoying his beer with 2 good records on..

regards everybody..

dave' for the k

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Re: Goodbye X-Bobo

RIP X-bobo, no words can describe how sad it is to go at such a young age


Re: Goodbye X-Bobo


Re: Goodbye X-Bobo

sad news. My condolences to family and friends of x-bobo.

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Re: Goodbye X-Bobo

I am together with you for the loss of a friend, albeit we weren't able to meet... but what happened?

Re: Goodbye X-Bobo

Its so sad. How life is....oh my god.  30 years old and he gave so much. His loss spreads tears all over the globe.

Farewell from Spain, X-Bobo.


Re: Goodbye X-Bobo

sad to hear,


Re: Goodbye X-Bobo



Re: Goodbye X-Bobo

Very sad news. RIP.

Re: Goodbye X-Bobo

My sincere Condolences to the family!


Re: Goodbye X-Bobo

damn. that's really tragic.

Re: Goodbye X-Bobo

where ever you are now... ruhe in frieden, x-bobo!


Re: Goodbye X-Bobo

Sincere condolences to family and friends, both are in our thoughts. Rest in peace friend.

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Re: Goodbye X-Bobo

Very sad news indeed.

Thoughts are with his family & friends.

Re: Goodbye X-Bobo

damn, thats terrible news!

thanks for all the mixes and your enthousiasm, xavier! wherever you are now, if they have dancefloors i'm sure you'll set them on fire..
your mixes and work will live on with us here.. rest in peace, my friend..


Re: Goodbye X-Bobo

Shocking news. X-Bobo seemed like a really nice guy and he was one of the greatest dj's around. I would have liked to meet him... I wish strength to his family and friends. His memory will live on through his music. Rest in peace


Re: Goodbye X-Bobo

Very sad news!  I hope you rest in peace.   All my toughts goes out to the people who love him.

I had the pleasure to meet him and his girlfriend at sonar  2007

Goodbye Xavier X-Bobo

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Re: Goodbye X-Bobo

a super friendly bot - sent me lots of great tips for when i visited geneva.

awesome dj too - only music survives.

Ar dheis D

Re: Goodbye X-Bobo

Shocked... such enthusiasm and energy always came across in his words and mixes. Really sad news. R.I.P.  My thoughts are with you Davecore and those who knew Xavier well

Re: Goodbye X-Bobo

Man! Terrible news. A great guy although I barely knew him but it was enough to be touched by him. Really sad news. RIP.

Re: Goodbye X-Bobo

Terrible news. My condolences to his loved ones and friends.

I hope you are in a better place Mr. Bobo.

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Re: Goodbye X-Bobo

x-bobo is back in space.



Re: Goodbye X-Bobo very sad.

I was on a major x-bobo tip these last few weeks and will continue listening to his mixes. Apparently he was an even better guy than he was a DJ which is incredibly impressive...cause he was a hell of a DJ.

Rest in peace.

Re: Goodbye X-Bobo

r.i.p. x-bobo.
30 is way too early, at least in case of being someone with a personal profile.
your mixes won't be forgotten.

Re: Goodbye X-Bobo

Mais non Xavier!  :_(  rest in peace my friend

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