Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro … ce-electro

Mechanoreceptor (@mmechanoreceptor) is a Brisbane-based producer that is originally from Tauranga, New Zealand. He builds upon a semi-fictional narrative overlapping sensory neuroscience and the sentiments of natural beauty to explore a hyper-dimensional world whose inhabitant reprograms the myriad of dynamically rich physical properties. He is currently working on his debut EP which is slated for release on Crazed Behavior.

Wiremu acknowledges the Aboriginal people who are the traditional custodians of the land on which this work is created. Sovereignty has never been ceded.

Luke Eargoggle - Give Speech
Aux-88 - What is a Mad Scientist?
Cestrian - Gradients
Das Muster - Die Erkenntnis
Mokotron - Māori Electro Alliance
DMX Krew - Diaspora
Br. Beta - Pojkar i blått
AS1 - Reflective Reflection
Cygnus - Bedroom Activities
Elecktroids - Thermo Science
Faceless Mind - Ocean Movers
Das Muster - Ablenkung
Alpha 606 & Sync 24 - Lunar Passport
Animistic Beliefs - Resequenced DNA
DJ Di’jital (DMX Krew Remix) - Techno Hop
Ectomorph - Timefold
Digitizer - Circuit Breaker
PTHGN - Flang
JI - Hydro System
Obzerv - The Network
Dopplereffekt - Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro … ce-electro

In this week's guest mix on @DarkScienceElectro we listen to a newcomer to the Electro community calling himself @Dataintrang

Born in Gothenburg, Sweden, Dataintrång found his way into Electro 2020 after hearing a live set by legendary producer Luke Eargoggle (@Dr-Lindh) at a local club. Shortly thereafter, he started producing and has released several tracks finding his sound more and more.

IXRQ - Cities
Sansibar - Liquid Programming
Sync 24 & Luke Eargoggle - Broken Electronix
Kuldaboli - Beygluð sál
Kuldaboli - Sovetrikin
Luke Eargoggle & Obergman - Boltzman Machine
The Exaltics - Fallen Star
Comtron - Material World
Comtron - What We Sell
Kuldaboli - Svaesin Blaeti
VC-118A - Vlucht Naar Nachtschade (Delta Funktionen Remix)
Antonio Pepe - Drip Texted (Kan3da Remix)

Additional resources:

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro … ce-electro

This week we check in with relative newcomer DJ @vaaskys

Crime (the man behind @FearNoSystem) is a DJ, which gets his inspiration from old Detroit's sound and aesthetic. His sound combines fast tempo Electro with groovy techno. In his DJ sets he is known for his deep basslines and kicks, which create an experimental mood, but at the same time is rhythmic. After creating the Georgian-based label 'Fear No System' he is focused on modernizing the Old-School Electro aesthetic into contemporary terms.

Bass Dominator - 123456 Bass
Exzakt - Beat Box
Dj Di'jital - Armada ( Dj Maaco Remix )
Fleck E.S.C - Maniacs
Mauro Nakimi - Geometrish ( Silicon Scally remix)
Go Nuclear - Techno World ( Detroit's Filthiest remix)
Code Blue - My House
Fleck E.S.C - Hot Bath
Exzakt - Citi Of Bass
Crime - Techno Bass (Unreleased)
Matt Whitehead - Galactic Jet Stream
Exzakt - Escape Redux
Koova - 808 Rythm Machine
Paul Blackford - Electro Empire
Bassing Guild - B-Boyonik
Konerytmi - MIDItaatio
Electro 8 - Undeground Sound
Cosmic Force - Return Of The Electric Vision
Bass Traveler - Bass Traveler
Exzakt - Feeling
Bass Dominator - Bass... Can You Hear Me?

Additional resources:…ar-no-system

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro

For this episode, we check in with @butcherselecta

Butcher is a DJ/producer based in Manchester, United Kingdom. He looks to push the darker sounds of Electro in Manchester and beyond, holding DJ residencies at both DTM & OffPeak in the north of England.

This mix showcases tracks that are deep, spacey, and typical of a peak-time electro DJ set.

Lower Tar - Brothers Pt.1
Robodrum - Electroencephalon
D. Strange - Broken Node
Unklevon - Planet Robot Choices
Umwelt - Destruction Liberatrice
IMOGEN & Ben Pest - Captain Crunch
Luz1e - Seismic Shift
Djedjotronic - Statistics
Kronos Device - The Infinite Ones
w1b0 - Utopia Planitia
L-Pad - Deathstalker
Helsmoortel – Violence
Pagan - I Against I
D.Vices - Space Control
Radioactive Man & Ara U - The Last Waltz

Additional resources:

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro … ce-electro

CYRK - Memorial
DJ Sickfuck - Wake The Fuck Up
The Thousand Order - Entry Code
Gamma Intel - Papenthin
Shawn Cartier - Dimpler
Slava Gubarev - EL Destroy
Adi Yair - Black on Grey
Nasty King Kurl - Only For Me
RIGSON - Liminal Space
Jessbeatz - Lightz
Tropico Frio - Cyberspace Boogie
Ratibor Kukarekov - function SpermDoner
Dagga - Proximity
The Deserter - My Whole Life Right Here
Hermeth - Quarantine Consequences
DJ Godfather X DJ MELL G - Splinter
Snarexx - City 313
TEK-95 - Digits
Kohan - Warning!
Soft Grunge - W3rkthis
Privacy - 0x33 Key

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro … ce-electro

For this episode of @DarkScienceElectro we slow it down and check in with a long-time friend of the show @Konerytmi

Konerytmi is the brainchild of a tenured Electro musician named Kirill Junolainen. I asked him to put together an Electro mix for the show and he came through with a delightful vinyl mix of beatless Electro, IDM and soundtrack music. Music without time & space.

Biosphere - Phantasm
Hans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch - Joi
Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygene (Part 20)
Autechre - Bronchus 2
Arpanet - P2101v
Dopplereffekt - Z-Boson
Albert Kuningas - Abduktio
Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein - Walkin In Hawkins
DMX Krew - Reverse Tachyon Beam
Impostor Orchestra - Money
Future Sound Of London - Multiple Falling Objects
Future Sound Of London - Dead Skin Cells
Autechre - Kalpol Introl
Dopplereffekt - Higgs-Mechanism
Konerytmi - Avaruusasema


Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro … ce-electro

This week's @DarkScienceElectro mix is by French DJ/producer @atix-f

Saigg - Electronilo

Atix - Revolutions

Martin Matiske - Microbot

L-Pad - Retrained In Cyberdelics

Data Assault - Black Earth (Martinelli remix)

JI & Viikatory - Getup!

Alien Rave - Tanzen

Raff - Extase

LectrO cOd_E - Feel The Tweak

Shun - Underwater


Taiko - Cyberpunk

Nite Fleit - Borderline

Aux 88 - Extraterrestrial Time Travelers

Ole Mic Odd - Acid Turbo

Atix - Spaceman

Viers - Beat Control

Umwelt - Chaos and Mayhem

Detroit's Filthiest - Scared 2 Death

Selective Response - Prison of Flesh

Additional resources:

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro … ce-electro

This week's guest mix for @DarkScienceElectro comes to us from Spanish/Mexican DJ @DanielHertz

Daniel began deejaying as a hobby back in 2015 and decided to take matters more seriously three years ago, when he enrolled in a music production school in his hometown of Girona, Spain.

There he would refine his musical taste and skills and eventually find his way into the underground scene of Barcelona, where he's helped set up and promote all kinds of events and has also played in multiple venues across the metro area of the Mediterranean city.

Intern Hook-Up - Rest for the Relentless

Rosalía - A Palé (Gesaffelstein Remix)

Random XS - Give Your Body (Delta Funktionen 3AM Mix)

Fabio Vinuesa - Analog Activity

DJ Overdose - Regeneration

An Avrin - Pearce Deers

Claro Intelecto - Tone

Alien Rave - Religion

Shun - Digital Slave

JI - MCP (Swallowed My Tab Mix)

DJ Karawai - Decoder

Mani Festo - Pathfinder

StacEmp - Closer

Robodrum - Mind Destruction (Original Mix)

High Fidelity - Unknown Entity

Jackal & Hyde - Beyond

Humanoid - St8818r

Nite Fleit & False Persona - Parallax

The Spy - Age Of Chaos

01111001101110100 & DJ LOSER - Mental Block

YTP - Continuum

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro … ce-electro

For the 679th episode of @DarkScienceElectro we turn to Copenhagen, Denmark, where we find producer @Delayscape - He isn't usually a DJ but I convinced him to make an exclusive mix for DSE anyway.

Since the mid 2000’s he has released music on labels such as Anna Logue Records, Go Finger, Cold Beats Records, and Noise To Meet You, as well as influential netlabels like Elpa Music and Monotonik. His style is best described as a mixture of instrumental Synth Pop, Electro, and IDM. Inspirations include classic 1980’s Synth Pop, 1990’s British Techno, IDM, Electro and loads more. The music is made on analogue and digital hardware synths, drum machines and effects boxes controlled by simple midi sequencers. Delayscape also plays in industrial/synth band Heinz Beauvaix.

Anthony Rother – Protektor
Cylob – Sanq (Autechre mix)
Solvent & Skanfrom – Expect Delays
Mysterymen – Is It Real
I-F – Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass
Skinny Puppy – Addiction (Dog House Mix)
Man Machine – Man Machine (Remix)
Indicate – The Latest Idea
Hi-ryze – JP233
Stasis – Point Of No Return
Aphex Twin - Polynomial-C
Special Olympic Acid – 8Props

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro … ce-electro

For the 680th episode of @DarkScienceElectro we check out a mix by Polish-born/Scotland-based DJ and producer @ona_vera

ona:v is a scientist by day and a DJ by night. Purveyor of classical Electro and Techno, she leads a female-led Techno/Electro night in Edinburgh. She also currently runs two different podcasts, one on Edinburgh's EHFM and the other on Threads Radio.

MP User - Unreleased
Blackwater Hardware - Sake With Lorcan
DAWL - Human Experiment
DPCLD - HongKong Express
Lithium - Cromby
Henry 3000 - Connect the Dots
Arsonist Recorder - Geist
Plant43 - Rivers Of Rust
Nullptr - Logical
Sons Of Slough - Snares & Temptations
Gamma Intel - Papenthin
Pip Williams - Man vs Machine (R21 remix)
JI featuring The Hacker- Time Echo

Additional resources:

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro

For the 681st episode of @DarkScienceElectro we will take a listen to mix by a UK DJ based in West Yorkshire.

Jay Ellis (@jay2674)has played at various clubs around West Yorkshire like the Mint Club, Mission, and Space Leeds. He has also been DJ support for live shows for artists like Cybereign. He has been in love with Electro music since he was a school-aged lad in the 1980s. He dabbled with Rave in the 90's, got turntables, and immediately went back to his first love after listening to 'Don't Stop The Beat' by Anthony Rother and other classic tracks by the likes of Mr. Velcro Fastener and Dexter.

Neonicle - Overlove
Johnfaustus - Rukkus
Unknown Artist - Frequency
Kafkactrl - Vector 12
Code Rising - Beat Machines (bfxtproto remix)
Kafkactrl - Entropy Model
The Hacker - Vox Mix
Unknown Artist - Shake Your Bour Baur
Lectromagnetique - Core
Aloka - xtx3
Maelstrom - Bricktown District
Anthony Rother - Don't Stop The Beat
Amavd Retwini - Minimize Contact

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro … ce-electro

For this 682nd installment of @DarkScienceElectro we check in with another longtime friend of the show @missmedley

Medley has been a fixture in the local Miami scene as a supporter, promoter, and DJ for almost three decades. She is the driving force behind 'Subterranean Industry' and co-founder of the @geishaz, two entities responsible for booking, promoting, and recruiting a wide variety of artists and DJs. Her love and consistent dedication to electronic music and culture helped pave part of South Florida’s local underground music scene throughout the years. To this day, Medley continues to radiate through her mixes, play special events, and build connections around the world through music. Medley’s style can be described as “beautifully vicious with an underlying tone of sensuality and a touch of quirkiness when the mood hits her”.

Blastromen - The Three Laws (edit feat. Medley)
Terrestrial Access Network - Stress
Andy Toth - Subspace
Morphology - Convince The Computer
Sons Of Slough - Snares & Temptations
Zequenx - Impozter Alert
Zeta Reticula - Host Star
Scape One - Disruptive Concept
Blast Attack - Singularity
Saigg - Calmando al niño
Assembler Code - Outer Trace
Steffi & Sepehr - The Hairy Otter
Snarexx - Bass Side Of The Moon
D_Roots - Breaking Fakes
The Droid - Paradox
DVS NME - Achtunddreißig
Gravedad Cinética - Mecanismos
Nthr1 - Innocent Sadness

Additional resources:

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro … ce-electro

This week on Dark Science Electro we check out a new mix by passionate DJ, promoter, and artist ROI

With a strong autonomous personality within the clubbing scene, Roi lives away from the madding crowd, surrounded by nature by the sea. Philanthropist 2.0 in his city, passionate about the electronic drive and tireless promoter in a constant struggle to maintain the Galician club culture, Roi champions his mission, to a large extent, being an active part of the Fanzine label project, which he co-directs together with The Panic Room.

Maruwa - Neo-plant

Patrick Zigon - She's Alive (Noah Pred Remix)

Blixaboy - Micronautics

Fracture & Sam Binga - Conditional

Captain Mustache - I Like to Program (feat K-1) (Cignol remix)

Garneau & Max ulis - Do it

Nullptr - Resilience

DVS NME - Use Value

Maelstrom & Fasme - Moneres

Zizerk - Decay Simulation

Aiken - Third Chapter (The Exaltics remix)

Sound Synthesis - Electronic Machines

Nullptr - ControlNode

Sound Synthesis - Reflection Patterns

Additional resources:

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro … ce-electro

This week on @DarkScienceElectro we check in with DJ Neurodancer

Neurodancer is a Lisbon-based DJ for whom digging and sharing various strains of electronic music have been an obsession for years. Recently, he co-founded Capital Decay, a label that has showcased local talent across a wide sonic spectrum, through records, parties, and radio shows. For the dancefloor, he's all about physical and robotic sounds, without setting aside the voices and melodies that remind us that humans are still in charge — at least for now.

Sonar Base - Before the Storm
Privacy - Slide Back
Sansibar - Body Rock
The Exaltics - The Others
Lake Haze - Adamastor
DJ Overdose - Kekko
Ben Pest - Mouth Lawson
Zeta Reticula - Z.E.T.A.
Go Nuclear - Can’t Stop a Feeling
Norwell - Secret Transmission (Solid Blake remix)
Silicon Scally - Quatermass
Syrte - Simulation Assimilation
Djedjotronic - Death Clock (JI remix)
Drexciya - Hydro Cubes
Detroit’s Filthiest - Critical Condition
DJ M.F. Technician - Fix und Fertig
Alek Stark - Halo 8 (Heinrich Mueller remix)

Additional resources:

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro

For this week's installment of Dark Science Electro we turn to Sweden, where we will be checking in with a long-time friend of the show Maschine Brennt.

55-year-old Joacim Thenander started producing music in the early 80s after the acquisition of a Yamaha CX-5m (the first computer to have a MIDI port built-in) and some hardware like the Korg MS20. He was a mainstay at local parties due to his large record collection and technical knowledge, having worked in a music instrument store. Though he hasn't performed as a DJ since 1994, he has stayed active as a digital DJ and amazing music producer. His wheelhouse for production resides in Electro, Industrial, EBM, and other electronic-heavy genres. In 2014 he teamed up with the artist @the-kretz and began releasing music on @plonk-label. He has since released 4 albums as Maschine Brennt on KinetiK, Plonk, and Microlab Studio, not to mention his more than 10 side-projects having various releases.

Akamagoo - Miami (Syntronik's remix)
Dark Vektor - Back (Instrumental)
MMT-8 - Mindlocked
Maschine Brennt - Maschine (extended)
Matt Whitehead - Spinning Mobile
Anthony Rother - Stellarator
Posthuman - Pleasure Machine
Maschine Brennt - Loop (Extended Mix)
Assembler Code - Lateral Transfer
Fracture & Sam Binga - Xtatic
Serge Geyzel & Karsten Pflum - Doppelt
Kretz - Get Dirty (Deemphasis Remix)
Kevin Lux - A Way Out
Commuter - Bionic Transplant
Maschine Brennt - Electro Elite
DATAPOP - Travellers (Maschine Brennt Remake)
Carl Finlow - Cascade
Maschine Brennt - Music Technology
Scape One - Click Click Drone
Deemphasis - Control
Maschine Brennt - Construction (Extended Mix)
Maschine Brennt - In the Machine
Architect - Ghost of a Working Man (Hecq Remix)
Maschine Brennt - STN 100507
Maschine Brennt - Mensch oder Maschine

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro … ce-electro

This week on @DarkScienceElectro we listen to a Detroit legend, the one, and only @dj-dijital-1

Anthony Rother - PSI Robotics-

Detrechno - After Shock

DJ K1 - Cosmic Flight

Erotek - Unknown

Jessbeatz - Techno Fobia

J Shaw - Surfing Galaxies

Jessbeatz - Lights

Professor X - Techno Kut

X-Men - Revenge of the X Men

Jessbeatz - La’ Machine

Impakt - Defcon

Di'jital Blak - Orson Chronicles

AUX 88 - Moon Walker

Di'jital - Proto Beats

Di'jital - Jit 2 This

Dynamix II - Techno Bass

AUX 88 - You Don’t Want None of This

DJ Assault & AD'E - Numerals

Keith Tucker - Electro Lights

Di'jital - 808 Kits

Tricky D & Debonair - Take it to the Max

Di'jital - Return of the Hacker

Reconstruct/ Dj K1 Remix

Shawescape Renegade - Geisteszustand

Scan 7 - Made 2 Last

Bart Karlos - Shaftwerk

The open-minded attitude of understanding the World of Jazz, Soul, Funk, Disco, and even Hip Hop makes it much easier to figure out what may have caused the emergence of the Detroit Techno and Electro scene. This is the case of Lamont Norwood, also known as DJ Di'jital, who grew up with all these groove influences.

Of course, it was the sounds of Kraftwerk in the first moment, and after that the Street Dance culture that guided him – mainly with the Electro-Funk classics of the beginning of the eighties. Fascinated, Norwood was caught by a whole movement that started with the Funk culture, but whose roots lie miles ahead. Largely influenced by the street sounds of Afrika Bambaata, Newcleus, and Cybotron that swirled into his mind during the eighties, Lamont decided to stretch to the boundaries and started a deep journey of musical research.

His DJ story began even before the acquaintance of the turntables at the beginning of the nineties: he started with double tape decks at a parent’s house with very limited options. But the natural mixing skills and the density of his musical background took him far beyond his dreams: more than ten years ago, he became a professional DJ, even if his professional highlight was yet to come.

Before the so-called professional ascension, he played tons of House parties as a Cabaret DJ. To be really integrated into the scene, it was just a question of time. He quickly shifted behind the decks and became part of the most important professionals behind the electro scene from the nineties. His melting pot of Electro-Funk, techno, booty and ghetto tech elements with scratching skills created a very unique ambiance in which DJ Di'jital drove the crowds wherever he wanted to.

In 1996, Lamont Norwood integrated the brilliant Aux 88 as their DJ and had the pleasure to experience live shows with them for years. In the same year 1996, he released his first track, 'Radar2Bass' which, according to his statements, was meant to be a 'Sinister Techno Bass'. It appeared on the 'Xperience De Bass II' EP by Direct Beat, the same label through which he released his first single: “Prototype”, a kind of definition for his sound, a free sound that was made to be included on the open-minded DJ’s repertories, which were really free to do whatever they wanted. He also released several other productions, remixes, and a couple of CDs through Direct Beat records, one of the most important labels of the electro scene.

Essentially versatile in the music scene, DJ Di'jital built a really solid foundation as a world-class DJ all these years. His repertories, which are an amazing combination of electro classics with more contemporaries, should not be missed. He is currently building a new recording studio and Arcade in Downtown Detroit.

Additional resources:

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro … ce-electro

This week on @DarkScienceElectro we check out veteran producer/DJ @wayne-richard also known as Volph.

Maltese electronic music artist Volph has graced the decks for the last 20 years playing mostly old-school electro and anything in between. In the last 4 years, he started experimenting with his own music and spent most of his time in the studio creating new Electro sounds which recently lead to his releases on Wirebox and his latest release on Lazer Records. As a DJ, he’s a sucker for modern and old-school Electro, as shown in this exclusive mix for @DarkScienceElectro

Aquatronics - Euphotic Zone

Amper Clap - The Dome

Boris Divider - Remote Operator

Romplex - Interstellar

Anthony Rother - Enforcer

JI & DeFeKT - Broken City

Robertiano Filigrano - Bedroom Music

JI x DeFeKT - Free Your Mind

Dynamix II - The 2 That Return

False Persona & Tom Jarmey - Swarm

Cybereign - Divide

214 - This One’s For Rexing

Assembler Code - O.Y.M. (Sync 24 & JI remix)

Locked Club - Electro Raw

Anthony Rother - Stellarator

Djedjotronic - Celular

Juno Lazermachine - Pursuit (Dark Vektor remix)

Solar Chrome - This is Electro

CYRK - Zeigarnik Effect

Commuter - Systemausfall

Franck Kartell - Electro Music

Mike Ash - Inside The Machine

Additional resources:

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro … ce-electro

This week on Dark Science Electro, we check in with Colombian DJ/Producer Binary Algorithms
Binary Algorithms is Andrés Ávila describes himself as a Transhumanist. As both a DJ and producer, he works on futuristic Detroit Electro, Ambient and Breaks, usually preferring versatility over generic patterns and sounds.

Biochip - M.O.
Bitstream - Communion - Arcade Mix
Blackploid - Pleasure Activism
Djedjotronic - Death Clock - VIP Mix
Solid Blake - Tissue
DeFeKT - Malfunction (Feat. JI)
Binary Algorithms - Génesis Cyborg
Rein x Djedjotronic - Automation
Binary Algorithms - X-Ploration
The Exaltics - 0998.0989.12
Manao - Control
Binary Algorithms - ID
Dagga - Technobass Freak
Ctrls - Subroutines
AC x JI- Turnin' Headz
Amantra - Coin Operated Female
Binary Algorithms - Artificially Programmed Memories
DJ Frankie - Cybernetic Emotion

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro … ce-electro

This week on @DarkScienceElectro we check in with a guest who is paying his second tribute to the outlet, @danieljaraakasurco

Surco has been DJing since 2019 and is, like many of us, rightfully obsessed with Electro. Some of his favorite artists include Gosub, Morphology, Versalife, Luxus Varta, Carl Finlow, and others. He is 37 years old and lives in Madrid, Spain, and has been a huge fan of Electro music since being exposed to it 2001 via the 'World Service' mix by Dave Clarke.

Dopplereffekt - Telescope Array

The Advent Feat. Paris Da Black Fu - Electric Pandemic

Cybereign & Francois Dillinger - Operate

Sound Chasers - Automatic Push Buttons

Boris Divider - Especie Digital

Fleck E.S.C. - Nice Guy (Pip Williams remix)

Alonzo - Drunken Badger

Ole Mic Odd - Acid Bass In Outer Space

DJ Overdose - Wrecknology

JI & DeFeKT - Leisure Machine

The Exaltics - The Others

DJ Overdose - Mi Ami

Shawescape Renegade - Soldiers Of Electro

Heuristic Audio - A Chemical Deficiency

The Exaltics - NGC 253

The Hacker - Fadin' Away (Heinrich Mueller remix)

The Exaltics - Don't Ask Me Why

Gesloten Cirkel - GPU_Didit (Turbo remix)

Reptant - Enter Atmosphere

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro … ce-electro

2022 has unarguably been a great year for Electro music both with overall visibility for the genre as well as with the sheer number of quality releases being put out over the course of the year. This was also a year in which I took a break from Dark Science Electro and handed DJing responsibilities over to DJ friends from around the world. I couldn't be happier with how the year turned out for the show. It was a busy year both production-wise and promotion-wise for DVS NME and Dark Science Electro respectively, however, last night I found some time to put together a mix of my favorite 22 tracks from 2022. Thanks to all the artists and DJs for the promos that made this mix possible.
- Johan (December 16th, 2022)

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro … ce-electro

For the 693rd episode of @DarkScienceElectro we look to a newcomer 21-year-old Russian producer/DJ @Arpatronic

Arpatronic sound is very familiar, being inspired by Detroit Electro, Drexciya, Dopplereffekt, Commuter, The Hacker, and more. He loves a simple and at the same time audacious sound. He also has his own label called Russkiy Didzhital (@rusdidzhital).

Arpatronic - External Shifter
Kraftwerk - Arpatronic Edit
Kittin & The Hacker - Soyuz
The Droid - System
Arpatronic - Jigglypuff
Commuter - Equanimity
Morphology - Molecular Hydrogen
The Exaltics & Heinrich Mueller - Hologram Universe
The Hacker - Tension
Arpatronic - Sample Technology
CT Kidobó - Infophysix Dub
Dynarec - Stellar Wind
Arpatronic - Recharge
The Exaltics & Heinrich Mueller - Search for Artificial Intelligence
Der Zyklus - Der Tonimpulstest (Arpatronic Remix)
Commuter - Last Tram to Ivry
Dynarec - Moving Corridors
Ultradyne - Dyslexia
The Exaltics - It’s Not What It Seems Like
Liaisons Dangereuses - Etre Assis Ou Danser

Additional resources:

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro … ce-electro

This week on @DarkScienceElectro we check in with Spanish DJ duo UHF

Founded by techno DJ/producer José Castillo aka Milford and David Aragón. These are two of the most highly respected DJs in the electronic scene of Madrid. Together they create Electro beats and IDM, which mixes old-school tunes, and European influences from the nineties with a strong taste of Detroit. Their first single was released in 2014 and included in a great compilation of their own label Gladio Operations, along with renowned artists such as Boris Divider, ERP, and Luke Eargoggle, among others.

Rekab - Total Control (Sound Synthesis remix)
Morphology - Zilog Z80
Obergman - Nocturnal Detour
Sound Synthesis - Bmal Gene
Jauzas The Shining - Traveling light
Kosh - Vicious love
Stingray - Reverse Engineering
The Exaltics - Another World Underneath (Animistic Beliefs remix)
Cyan 85 - Nothing Like's Da D
Anthony Rother - Kocmoc
Alonzo - Unprofessional
Carl Finlow - Engines Of Creation
Nullptr - Syndicate
Sons Of Slough - Snares And Temptations
Bitstream - Monolith

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro … 24-dvs-nme

Cygnus - The Laser Lounge
Alonzo - Animal Control
Carl Finlow - Downstream
Krypton 81 - Kein Lebenszeichen
Larionov - System Error
Legacy - Aqua Assault
RX-101 - Trip To The Unknown
Steffi & CYRK - Lublaby
Darkatek - Shades Of Brighton
TV.OUT - No Good
Bochum Welt - Saint (Heinrich Mueller remix)
Sentient State - Sentient Machine
Cliff Dalton & Lloyd Stellar - Verbindingspunten
Blast Attack - Dictator
Zeta Reticula - Out Of Range

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro … ce-electro

This week's guest DJ on @DarkScienceElectro we take a listen to a non-stop Electro set by Croatian DJ @Avatar_J

Josip Katic aka ΛVΛTΛR J is a DJ/Producer currently residing in Rotterdam. As with many of us in the Electro community, at a young age, he was fascinated with breakdance and Hip Hop culture. During his adolescent years he shifted his interest to House and Techno. Now 15 years after the start of his initial love for Hip Hop, he is back to his roots playing Breakbeat and Electro. He spends time as an organizer of local events and producing new Electro material for future live performances.

Robyrt Hecht - Exploration
Dj Xed - True To The Game
N-ter - Maschinen Technology
DVS NME - Barrier to Entry
Datawave - Thermal Research
Dez Williams - On The Verge
Credit 00 - Streets
DJ HASH - Return To The Fresh Beats
Anthony Rother - Emulation
Norwell - Transz
MaelStrom - Lost Axis
No Moon - Bathtub Dub
Lectro_cod_e - Modulated (Pablo Splice remix)
Alavux - Phutura
Das Ding - Your Content Will Arrive Shortly
Plant43 - Storm Control


Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro … 00-2102023

Anthony Rother - Technologie
Carl Finow - Monomers
Gravitational Effect - X-Ray Burst
Blackploid - Pulsation
Plant43 - Wounding Words
Rebustape - rhythm&bleep_bravo
/DL/MS/ - Invisible Bits (Reptant remix)
Fleck ESC - Invisible
CEM3340 - C-Funk
CYRK - Attack Of The Blowup Dolls
N-Ter - Great Manta
Carlos Sicrock - Dark Engineers (Maschine Brennt remix)
Cyan85 - Aquasma
Konerytmi - Arkkitehuuri
F. Vinuesa - Analog Activity
DVS NME - Continuity & Rupture