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Topic: FS Vintage soviet synthesizers with express shipping included

hi there

I periodically restore and sell soviet synthesizers.
I'm based in Moscow/Russia and i'm a passionate synth nerd / sound producer myself smile

At the moment i have the following toys for sale:


Good condition. There is a minor crack on the left rear bottom corner part and scratches on two keyboard notes but its still smooth and polished. Full maintenance and calibration has been made by a professional tech plus standard 1/4 jacks installed instead of the soviet ones.


Video of exactly this one which I was making for one potential buyer:


My demo just using the Polivoks synthesizer for the sounds + external drums and effects


The condition as you can see on the photos and video is really good except some scratches here and there but nothing fatal, keys are truly white. It comes with a case (upper lid) but the locks on them are broken. This is usual for the polivokses' upper lids which are basically just used for transportation. No worries, above all i pack everything very safely.

Price to USA and Europe including trackable express shipping method (7-12 working days to your door): 1200 $ by Paypal, if by direct bank transfer - 1150 $


Alisa 1387

This synth is very highly rated among other soviet synth. The sound/tone is a kind of a mix between a SCI Pro-One and Roland SH2. Very gritty and warm. Above all, it has a built in factory CV in order to control it with an external sequencer.

Condition is very good, this is a very rare piece especially in this condition. Comes with all factory cables. If needed i can provide the DIN-1/4 Jack adapter but for a little on top or without if you can solder the cable to a standard TRS jack yourself or at your technicians. The synth itself works perfectly except the power light bulb is not lighting up but i do not think that it's an issue, taking into account that it doesn't reflect on the sound.


Video of this exact one:


some more demo of it used with some external effects:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3vaPar … e=youtu.be

Price to USA and Europe including EMS air express traceable shipping: 1300 $ by Paypal or 1250 $ by direct bank transfer



This is also a very unique synth, its basically built around Moog Prodigy and Multimoog schematics but because the components are all soviet - the sound is quite different, i would say that it is very very warm and evolving.
Condition is exceptional! Collectors piece! Everything looks and works perfectly! However, please be aware that some dirty pot cleaning may be required in the future (it's a very easy job if you have a technician).
Comes with an original case (upper lid) + cables.



Video of exactly this model is here:


Price to USA and Europe including trackable express shipping method: 1200 $ by Paypal or 1150 $ by direct bank transfer


Purchasing procedure:

If you want a specific synth from this list or have any questions, please notify me which one by email - sovietsynths at gmail dot com and i will give you a Paypal invoice or, if you choose direct bank transfer - my bank account details.

As soon as i receive the money on my account (usually around max 1 working week time) please allow max. 4 days for packaging and passing to the shipping office, after passing it to the shipping office - a tracking number will be provided!

I use a good premium EMS air traceable shipping method and pack as safely as a vase (use a good carton box + bubble wrap paper + foam pieces so that the synth sits safely in the box)

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to ask. We can also always facebook chat too if needed

Thank you for your time


Best Regards,