New mix! Industrial, electro, EBM, illbient, acid, experimental....whatever. Anything goes  cool … anasyt-nim


zonal – haemophiliac  [avalanche recs]
fashion flesh – acrylic  [jacktone]
c.l.a.w.s. – black magic carpet ride II  [squirrels on film]
tans – vera vera  [squirrels on film]
s.english – 1111  [l.i.e.s. records]
solar – unless, of course, you have wings like a bat  [squirrels on film]
ixvlf – walls  [unknown precept]
lostsoundbytes – rusty tractor  [demord enregistrements]
lostsoundbytes – sixtysix o’clock  [vastechoses]
ixvlf – voce  [unknown precept]
c.l.a.w.s. – far from the eyes of heaven  [left hand path]
s.english – bilocation drift  [l.i.e.s. records]
santiago – cartoons and flags  [unknown precept]
yabboq penuel – untitled  [musamore editions]
air lqd – head expanded  [unknown precept]
kadajane – dns sinkhole  [paastevest]
air lqd – let’s talk  [unknown precept]
absl – theia  [vastechoses]
ixvlf – inhabitant  [unknown precept]
ludgate squatter – ringing  [lifeforms]
december – yesterday never ends  [pinkman]
sextile – disco  [felte]
stallone the reducer – typical weekly funk  [est. 83’ records]
stallone the reducer – always hate  [est. 83’ records]
geffrye – lorenzo salace  [maturre]

Digi is out now, vinyl some months later wink

"Falburn Academy" premiere on TL … ty-records

"Velvet Prison" premiere on Moskalus … se-reality


Now available at Medical Records in the US! Be quick if you want it wink


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LVRIN - Cabal
Comrade Organa - Désir Hybride
Savage Grounds - Corrupted At Night
Job Sifre - Mars Express
Borusiade - Jeopardy
Stallion's Stud - Instrumental Aria
Empfänger - Fixarsorken
Maoupa Mazzocchetti - Phone Gift
Toresch - Speicher
De-Bons-en-Pierre - Macholess Zone
FOQL - Living In The Times Of Doom And Got Used To It
G String - Decrypt The Myth
Snuffo - Her Mind Goes Space
4cantons - Intempo
Metropolis - Angstpolitiek
Kord - In Absence
Nehuen - Toxic
Borusiade - Purge
LVRIN - Lynch
Nehuen - Supress (Patricia's Sad Pop Mix)
Kord feat. Annie Gylling - Push Your Button
Kord - Trainwreck
Tom Dicicco – Laser Life

"Anarchy On Celluloid"

New vinyl for Diffuse Reality Records in the works! ⚡⚡⚡


A1.Stolen Identity
A2.The Crime Gene
A3.Lesser Saints
B1.Falburn Academy
B2.Velvet Prison
B3.Mortal Transfer

Digi only :

DI1.Tar City
DI3.If This Was Real

All tracks stream: … d-vinyl-12

Preorder: … vinyl-12-2

New mix for Club Furies (Mexico)!

I'm not gonna categorize it  cool … nt-manasyt

Info in Spanish : … nt-manasyt


1. Milligram Retreat – The New Allignment [Enfant Terrible]
2. Teatre – Netyliu [Lux Rec]
3. Bound By Endogamy – Lettre À Lauren – Cold Version [Lux Rec]
4. Sling & Samo – Henry Brainless [Born Free Records]
5. The Wheel Of Rituals – Circle Of Trust [Viewlexx]
6. Beau Wanzer – The Grim Whim [L.I.E.S. Records]
7. Further Reductions – Disparate Elements [Knekelhuis]
8. Further Reductions – Central System [Knekelhuis]
9. De Ambassade – Jerney [Knekelhuis]
10. Eel – Straight Edge [M.U.S.A.]
11. Art Kinder Industrie – Are You Ready To Die? [Lux Rec]
12. De-Bons-en-Pierre – Seul Comme Sombre [Dark Entries]
13. Klorex55 – In The Back Of My Car [Käften]
14. Boris Barksdale – Vals Fantasma [Phormix Tapes]
15. De Ambassade – Geen Genade [Knekelhuis]
16. Beau Wanzer – Don’t Eat The Ground [L.I.E.S. Records]
17. Israfil – PSY~ K [Public System Recordings]
18. Leroy Se Meurt – Into The Light [Oráculo Records]
19. Leroy Se Meurt – Evasion [Gooiland Elektro]
20. In Trance 95 – Invisible Industry Of Solitude [Minimal Wave]

Blast it ⚡⚡⚡

Now @ Bordelloaparigi (Amsterdam)

One last visual treat wink

Now @ Clone!  wink

Record now available in Belgium!  cool

Soundarchitecture and War Records (Antwerp)
72 récords, Doctor Vinyl (Brussels)
Music Mania (Ghent)

Another cinematic experience for you. Fun for the whole family   lol

Video for The Harvest Room  tongue

"Tales Of Ignorance" premiere on the awesome Future Funk channel!

Twist your mind wink

"Infected Memory" premiere on Club Furies (Mexico)  cool

Track: … rator-mute
Review: … ator-mute/

Premiere! ⚡⚡⚡
Telephasycx! Remix of "Tales Of Ignorance" on Lunacy (Glasgow)

SC: … rator-mute



"The Harvest Room" premiere on Tracklistings  cool … rator-mute

Hmmm I always fail to embed a YT video so here  big_smile

Industrial/Electro/EBM + more! Also including their releases + tracks from my upcoming record! wink


NonZero! - Inspector Alert [Touchin' Bass]
Poladroïd - Theme From det:ROI (MANASYt's Novichok Mix) [Roulette Rekordz]
TYVYT|IYTYI - Empty Inside [Pinkman]
En Direct - Unwilling [Lunatic Rec.]
S. Product - Bell Tolls [Self-released]
Multiple Man - Hotter Than Hell [DKA Records]
Gross Net - Still Life [Touch Sensitive Records]
Karger Traum - Das Ende [Fixed Rhythms]
Videograve - Nocturnes [DKA Records]
MANASYt - Tales Of Ignorance (Telephasycx! Remix) [Rator Mute]
Oppenheimer MKII - Another Nightmare (Flashback Mix) [Peripheral Minimal]
Houses Of Heaven - Sleep [Felte]
Maenad Veyl - Setback [VEYL]
MANASYt - The Harvest Room [Rator Mute]
Interviews - Arc [Bitterfeld]
Panther Modern - Creep [Self-released]
RNXRX - Hereditary Witches [VEYL]
Telephasycx! - Ionic Factor [Rator Mute]
THX 1971 - Maschinenwelt [Manufactured Desire Records]
Julio Tornero - Abismos Superficiales [Femur]
Peine Perdue - Fausse Compagnie [Vocoder Tapes]
MANASYt - Infected Memory [Rator Mute]
Aerial - Hostiles [Private Selection Records]
Silicon Scally - Quatermass [Rator Mute]
Sextile - Hazing [Felte]
Odonis Odonis - Salesmen [Felte]
MANASYt - N7 [Rator Mute]


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meschi wrote:

Nice one dude, going to get tore into this tonight. Hope you're doing well man.

Yo! Long time...I remember you were telling me "Yeah, go to China, man" that night lol...Well, 11 years later  big_smile
Hope you are well too!  wink


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Guyver 303 wrote:

Ooft, all over this. Kernkrach is such an institution, time and time again releasing brilliant music.

Thanks Manasyt!

True! Enjoy  cool … ansmission

Well, the tracklist should give you an idea  cool

HNN - Lines
Geometric Vision - Solitude of the Trees
Second Still -You Two So Alike
René Couteau - Caisse à Outils
Paradox Obscur - Creatures
Le Prince Harry - Porto
Half A Twin - Fatal Shootings
Tuxedo Gleam - Dismissive
Stonewall Cops - Kiss the Night
Unhuman+Petra Flurr - Heile Welt
Hystérie - Nuit Blanche
All Your Sisters - Self-Medicating
Illustration Sonore - Our Bodies
HøRD - Deliverance
Dolina - Sun Backwards
Tanz Ohne Musik - Hold
Karies - Alice
Years Of Denial - Crow
Kælan Mikla - Hvernig kemst ég upp?
The Frozen Autumn - The Twin Planet
Balvanera - Mártir
MANASYt & Beta Evers - Dependency
Mitra Mitra - Shortwave
Da-Sein - Ascension
Ash Code - Oblivion
Figure Study - Rain
Lésion Française - Voir Au-Delà
Schonwald - Crystallized
Colouroid - TV People
Marta Raya - Strange Sensations

Out on September 10!  cool … 86-manasyt

My favorite tunes from Kernkrach and sublabels muxed up. Blast it  cool … -x-manasyt


Jager 90 - Ein Neuer Tanz
Poison Point - Roses & Lies
Geometry Combat - Body Hammer
High-Functioning Flesh - Rigid Embrace
Petra Flurr - Maria Ortisch
Kraftakt - Willenskraft
HIDE - 91 Lashes
Din - Pools At My Feet
Wulfband - 3, 2, 1, Nein
Lieu Noir - The Night Just Did A U-Turn
The Soft Moon - Black
Schwefelgelb - Der Pool Schweigt
The Juggernauts - The Juggernauts Are Coming
Angst - Rädda Barn
Oktober Lieber - The Attacker
Vomito Negro - Murk
Autumns - Disguise The Weight
Soj - Land of Hammers and Lovers (WLDV remix)
Qual - Take Me Higher
Pouppée Fabrikk - Destruktor
Choke Chain - Despondency
RNXRX - To Start Doubting Morality
Years Of Denial - In Pain I Meditate
Visitor - Hand to Man
Chrome Corpse - Durga
Newboy - Rain Clouds
Tannhauser Gate - Sex, Money, Crime
MANASYt - Overvolt
Balvanera - Medium
Noise Unit - Deceit
DRP - Front & Rear

New record out now! ⚡
100 numbered copies with poster

Available here:
K&H vinyl store :
Cybertech Music :

Clone :
Bordelloaparigi : … reigned-ep
Sond Architecture : … ct_id=5113

War Records :

Germany : 
Decks : … ned/cis-5o
Sound Metaphors : … ss-Reigned
Suburban Trash :
Inter Records : … rator-mute

Medical Records :

Tracklist :

A1. Overvolt
A2. The Harvest Room
A3. Infected Memory
B1. N7
B2. Tales of Ignorance
B3. Tales of Ignorance (Telephasycx! Remix)