Topic: Ràdio Web MACBA's most listened podcasts 2014

Produced by Matias Rossi

Over the past twenty years, Andy Votel has travelled far and wide in a quest to buy as many records as he could. His main motivation is to listen to music, and the only way to get the music he likes is generally to buy and collect it.

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2- MEMORABILIA. COLLECTING SOUNDS WITH.... Brian Shimkovitz. Part I. Produced by Matias Rossi

The tale of how a student of ethnomusicology from Brooklyn spent a year in West Africa buying tapes off street markets... and how he managed to turn that bizarre collection into one of the most revered record labels in recent years.

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3- PROBES #1. Curated by Chris Cutler

PROBES #1 sets the scene and investigates early reconsiderations of pitch: probes that postulate new scales to be constructed through the ever-greater subdivision of the inherited intervals of equal temperament.

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4- ONLY GIRLS OF 17 CAN HEAR UP TO 16.000 HERTZ. A short history of the audio cassette. Curated by Felix Kubin

Following with Felix Kubin’s line of research on the creative underground tape scene, in this brief podcast we revisit the origins of the format with former Philips employee Wim Langenhoff.

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5-  INTERRUPTIONS #16. On duration: silence is unavailable, please buy time or switch dimensions. Curated by Dave Phillips

Dave Phillips' mix is a true assault on the senses that reflects on extreme durations in music and our relationship with the temporality of sound.

Link: … on/capsula
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6- MEMORABILIA. COLLECTING SOUNDS WITH... Eric Isaacson. Part I. Produced by Rosanna Arbon

It may seem obvious looking back but Eric Isaacson had no idea that a childhood obsession with The Beatles and an armful of Daniel Johnston cassettes would be the foundation for his work as founder of Mississippi Records label and shop and the keeper of a uniquely free flowing record collection that is detached from time.

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7- PROBES #3. Curated by Chris Cutler

This is where pitch becomes weightless and all that is solid melts into air: futurism, noise, electricity, ecstasy and uncertainty. We look at the lure and power of sliding tones.

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8- OBJECTHOOD #2. Curated by Roc Jiménez de Cisneros

Cuts, folds, scales, sound objects, charts, chimeras. Artists Erick Beltrán and Florian Hecker discuss different theories about objects in relation to their respective artistic practices.

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9- SON(I)A #119

Interview with Allan Sekula about the relationship between art and photography, about artistic activism, the role of the artist in the public sphere and "Waiting for Tear Gas".


10- INTERRUPTIONS #15. Cumulative Tails. Curated by Vicki Bennett

Cumulative Tails is a pun upon the 'cumulative tale', where each part of a story relates to that which just preceded and followed it. This radio mix, curated by Vicki Bennett, has been created using that process – a succession of audio tracks picked in conceptual relation only to that which was previously played.

Link: … s-/capsula
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