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Hey, im picking up on playing records lately and I'm wondering If moving to digital is worth it?
At the moment I only have an 'oldskool' setup with 2x sl1200 and a mixer, and I'm fine with that at home. However, being able to play elsewhere with cd's/laptop/whatever digi device makes sense to me in 2015.
I'm wondering what's the most convenient way to go. I have to start from scratch because I don't have any high quality digital files at this moment. Is using cd's still a thing or is it better to just use a laptop? Or do cdj's take usb sticks and is that the easiest way? I'm clueless about what's 'normal' lately.

Enlighten me! :-)

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turntables and records is the most enjoyable way to mix imo. purely because of the immediacy of every function. puts you right there in the moment. needs must however, so next in line i would say using lossless audio files (on usb stick) with current cdj type players is the way to go. you still get to move your hands and eyes around, and get into it. benefits include traveling light, and avoiding the risk of losing hundreds if not thousands of euro worth of records on a night out. software doesn't come close to the previous two. your movements are restricted to a small surface, and your eyes fixed to a small screen. i guess if you're into claustrophobic situations that might be ok, but i never found it as satisfying as either of the previous two.

that said. if one of the equipment makers were to release an "all in one" portable solution, i would be very interested. proper hard wearing knobs and jogwheels, two screens, onboard soundcard, runs off 12v DC, flac support! that should all fit in a carry on wheely bag.

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You could still move to digital and keep spinning vinyl, I use a digital vinyl setup and get the best of both worlds. Get to play my records or switch to digital vinyl and play off a USB

Reckon that would be a good choice for you

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CDJs are the best option in my opinion unless you can afford a really good DA Interface, some of the cheaper ones always sound thinner then the CDJs for some reason. Also no hassle with plugging in audio cables, firewire cables etc.
Just rip your vinyl collection with a good AD Converter and your ready to go.

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One of my friends has a Pioneer DDJ-SX which I have used a couple of times already. Though I was always a big supporter of playing vinyl, I must admit that this thing in terms of DJ experience gets it spot on. It is really fun to play with.

The disks allow good control over the music, similar to how vinyl allows control. The mixer itself has excellent eq's and a HPF/LPF which sounds good and can be fun for some mixes. Using the software is a breeze, no need to even touch the mouse everything can be done through the controller. + You can connect your turntables to it as well.

So if you consider switching to digital, this device is surely something I'd recommend. However my main advice is, try before you buy. Playing records is something we all do somewhat differently and is is very much based on how you feel/experience the music while playing so don't buy anything if you haven't been able to try it yourself first.

Just record it already!

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Since having dj-ed on two pioneer cdj-1000nxs last year at a party, I got convinced. I'm really looking for different ways now to go digital. Problem for me is mainly the price point. I really thought it would be cheaper to go digital as opposed to buying vinyl, but already the costs of only one player is with 700 eur years worth of investment in vinyl.

Anyone having cheapish recommendations? I'm already looking at cheapo usb-decks such as the dap-core cdmp-750's - … sb-speler.

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I like the look of this $1000 though.

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I got a pair of pioneer cdj-350 in the end. For 450 eur second hand this was for sure the cheapest bargain to get into digital djing. Thing with them is, the display is so small that you can see only one track at a time while browsing. And that name of the track can not even be fully displayed due to the tiny width. So you'll easily get to browse through tracks that are all called something like "Coverti World - tracks f" .

For playing they're great but the trickyness of browsing makes you easily wanna connect your laptop and have them purely running as controllers.