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Topic: TR 626 Hiss

I got myself a TR 626 and loving it! Didn't come with the original power supply though and when I use one off my
generic ones (set to 9V) it works, but the TR626 emits a sort of low electronic hiss, sort of like a squelching high pitched tone.

Could this be a problem with the supply?
Back of the Unit says it needs a 50mA supply, I assumed using a higher mA supply didn't make a difference.

Maybe a 626 owner can chime in smile

Re: TR 626 Hiss

I've bought an original Boss power supply to solve this ussue.
The one I have is an older version of this: http://www.thomann.de/nl/boss_psa_230.htm


Re: TR 626 Hiss

Thanks, didn't see that one in the thomann store!

Have the same Problem with the Boss DR-5, glad there's a easy solution smile

Re: TR 626 Hiss

Never heard of that one! I just use a generic supply from an ebay transaction to China for my TR-626, never had any noise like that mentioned in OP.

Re: TR 626 Hiss

Some of my 626 sounds are out of pan, is there a way to correct this?

Also, mine has a little hiss too.

Gonna try that new power supply