Topic: Recording synths through pre-amps

Anyone doing this, is it good, better or does it not make noteable difference?

I've been browsing on Gearslutz and the likes but I find it rather difficult to determine if people just say "yes i love my $2500.- pre-amp" for the sake of showing off or that it actually does work nicely.

Re: Recording synths through pre-amps

I have a cheap pre-amp made for bass guitar basically but i sometimes use it to record synths.
Is it good? not sure, sometimes i like the sound and i use it and sometimes i don't. I also use the mixer's (Mackie) pre amp while it overload (or peaking) to get some kind of saturation, again not sure if it's good it only depends if i like it

Re: Recording synths through pre-amps

straight through soundcard input...and alter audio signal inside ableton