Topic: Help a sad and Lonely Robot !

Hey Robots !

Let me tell you about Andi....

A very nice robot and long time lover of Electronic music and the The Hague stuff with a real passion for music.

A lot of his favourite acts are around here, too ... so I decided to write this message here, trying to help him....

He´s one of the kindest persons I met in my life - but sadly he´s in a real crisis right now and his heart is broken in two pieces.

After 20 years (!) the relationship with his beloved wife (+ they had a daughter - aged 15) broke up.
It´s really sad to see, how down and lost he feels right now.
His little family means the world for him.... but his wife ended that without a warning from one day to another.

He left the flat they lived in for the last 10 years in July and rents himself a small appartment.
He didn´t take one piece of the flat (furniture, etc...) with him - he left it all to her.
Cause he still loves her and most off all - he didn´t want his daughter to miss anything at home....

He even lost his job because of that, cause he is so down to the ground, that he allmost never left the appartment since then.

For me, it´s very hard to see him in a situation like this. It´s like he felt into a black hole full of pain and tears.
Normally he is - as mentioned before - a very kind, funny and helpfull person, but the loss of wife and daughter is damn hard for him.

He now begins to fight against this black hole he´s in.... step by step.... but it will take time untill he´ll be strong again.
Very sad, but I hope one day all will be fine again for him.

So why do I write this to you ?

I hope to find some robots around here, who have a heart for another robot....

He began to make music - not professionally - but with passion. It helps him to forget all his pain for a few hours every day.
As I said, he´s far away of being a professional musician, or producer, but I think he has some really nice ideas
and maybe one of you thinks that too and helps him to polish his "amateur stuff" into something, or use a snippet for a mix
of you.... it would make his face shine, I´m very sure about that.

He´s almost broke, works with shitty cheap equipment, mostly pc/freeware stuff.
Nothing is masterd or polished to the max.
Especially the drums could have been made way better.....
But I hink there is something in his tracks.

So don´t expect professionally made tunes, that a ready to club play or something like that.

But maybe you have a listen and maybe some of you around here has too much time, or just a good robot heart and want to help him....
Maybe you put his tracks into your system, put some sounds on top, give it a master, or polish it to good sounding tunes, or adopt an idea.

If you need the single tracks or something - let me know. I will arrange that and send the material to you.

I would be so, so happy for him if this would happen by the help of one of you here.

And last but not least: If you don´t like it - be kind. Don´t shitstorm him or his stuff. Please.

OK - long talk is over - so, here is the link for his "hobby tracks" - maybe you give it a short listen:

Thank you robots for your time and for reading this.

One thing left: THIS IS NO FAKE ! I´m honest....
I told you about a real kind man who really exists and needs support.... mentally, with kind words...or whatever.

Also, if you have some "crab" you don´t need anymore flying around your house or studio like used records,
damaged or unneeded equipment, cables, or whatever you don´t need anymore - it would be very nice and
a great thing if you would give it to him as a gift. He would be very happy about that.

If so - send me a private message. I´ll give you his adress, e-mail or whatever you need to contact him.
Let him grow and rise up again :-)
He really deserves it.

Thanks + best !