Topic: Boëthius - MOTO [Club001]

New EP MOTO by Boëthius out 21 Feb 2022

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Literally terabytes of bodyspam gush from my cleavered gut contorting and hurling a harsh beige pumping swirl of bile and chunks that blow into a gash of nicely printed paper bagging under my chin like a bib FLY EMIRATES a thin chord of acid dribble stringing from my lip. Mate. It’s a cold tight cold feeling with a clingy close bubble of hugging close silvery shiver effect that sticks around my ribs, up the spine etc etc and you can’t expect me to sit around on the runway like some lemon I’ve got disposable income, looking down I find a freshly lost brown leather wallet and rifle through it, a stack of nearly complete loyalty cards Pret, Nero, Itsu and many more as well as a Monzo card, i press the service buzzer and order a Heineken.