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Topic: MANASYt @ Oil Club, Shenzhen (18/6)


Haha, I know none of you are in China but I haven't gigged since 2010...so I'm beyond excited  big_smile
It's also an SM themed party, no filming tho  hmm
This place is supposed to be amazing. Anyway, check out what a Chinese party poster looks like  tongue

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Re: MANASYt @ Oil Club, Shenzhen (18/6)

Recording is here : https://soundcloud.com/manasyt/20220618 … rs-manasyt

Recap : CAGE @ OIL Club last night. My first live gig in 12 years. Great and professional people and organization! Hard work doing all the decorations as well..
Playing in a cage in the middle of the dancefloor! People were yelling and banging on it  yikes
I felt like Ministry back in the day! cool
Killer sound, lighting, visuals... Two rooms + bar. DJs in all 3, different music styles... People in leather, masks etc. everywhere... What can I say? Worth every minute. World class <3