Topic: Kid Ginseng feat. Questosahn - The Hand The Rocks The Needle

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new compilation! … -2011-2023

Kid Ginseng feat. Questosahn - The Hand That Rocks The Needle: 2011-2023


The Hand That Rocks The Needle is compiled from the duo’s turntablist songs going back over a decade. The two met in San Francisco’s Mission District before a Tom Tom Club concert. DJ 2 Fresh was also present. He contributed to the megamix, ”Electro Pilot.” Most of the tracks featured here are an electro beat since it is the duo’s favorite sound. Bonus tracks from Kid Ginseng 2001-2003 originally released by legendary Oakland label, Hip Hop Slam, run by Billy Jam. Shouts to DJ Traps, Billy Jam, Eddie Def, DJ Qbert, D-Styles, Money Mark, Entro Senestre, Ron Morelli, Tom Tom Club, DJ Di'jital, Megadon

most of these tracks can be found under "Kid Ginseng Discography" Spotify Playlist:

Also check out "DJ Quest-Questosahn" and "Kid Ginseng" on all streaming platforms!

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