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I listened to Alden Tyrell's Freesytle Mix the other day and it reignited my interest in the genre.
I know fierce little about it. Apart from some of the bigger tracks like Diamond Girl and Wild Mary, I'm pretty ignorant. Any recommendations very much welcome.

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Still a killer mix. … alactic-fm

Can't say I know much more than you,

Noel- Silent Morning

Can't really mention freestyle without Pretty Tony who produced so much great Miami freestyle and electro.. Debbie Deb , Trinere etc

Debbie Deb - When I hear music

Also Stevie B

Stevie B. - Spring Love

Shame Dade Elderon isn't around anymore, he's your man for freestyle knowledge

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Not a specialist like Dade by any means, but here are some freestyle fav's: … esb%C3%A3o … cera-Topic … lhindsight … ijsDevries … FLASHHOUSE … l=drony_dj … nnel=Fstyl … tion-Topic

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No idea why some show up as links and some as video's.. I've posted 8 tracks I think :-)

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and if you need like 12 minutes of dubs of that one, the E-mu version