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gonna be in lisbon from 11th april to 16th or 17th... anyone know any good record shops/clubs/bars?

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The record stores are pretty shit, at least the ones I've been to.  Lisbon is one of those cities where you really need to know someone because all the good shit is hidden, and hard to get into.

Go to Bairro Alto to party at night.  And check out Lux

There's lots of bars around the Docks, which I'm sure you'll visit.

Read this too

Don't forget to check out the Palace in Sintra, and have some coffee Portuguese custard tarts here

trust me, they are the shit!!


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ta for the info ramos, i enjoyed those custard tarts muchly!

heres what i found and what i didnt. i agree with you- the shops are mostly shite.

flur - av. inf d henrique, opposite sta apolonia station - all new stuff. alright selection, not great. decent selection of viewlexx, dissident, clone, flexx/radius

carbono records - calcada do lavra - lot of second hand stuff, mostly shite and unsorted, and expensive. worth a look though.

crew hassan - Rua Portas de Santo Ant

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wonder if the above is still current.. ?!? any new suggestions? gonna be in lisbon sept 28th - 30th.
looking damn forward already. never been there and only heard beautiful things about the city smile

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loved lisbon! def a city i will visit again and with more time (been only 2 days this time).

take a ride with the tram 28 which will take you through the historical parts of the city … h-tram-28/

another record shop, mostly second hand stuff, worth a visit:
loui-loui: rua nova da trindade

and yes, def go to belem and try those custard tards at at first i thought: wtf, this is whats all this fuss is about? but they are heavenly!

forget about - boring! bairro alto still is the place to be at night!

.."this world`s a bubble"..

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Gonna be in Lisbon this weekend, any decent gigs on? Thanks smile