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Topic: Chicago

I'm going to Chicago for the first time this week.

gonna play a gig on thursday night, but I wanna know if there's anything else happening there worth checking out.

also, what are the main record shops of note, including a place where I can get some new stuff?

thanks in advance for any help

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As far as record shops go, K Starke's on Western is pretty good for for older stuff, but he has some new stuff too. Sometimes his prices can be more in line with e-bay prices though. For new stuff, Gramaphone of course.

Dave's on Clark is a good spot to for used.

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thanks - are there any forums/message boards that are more specific to the chicago area/music scene?

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Well, I don't know of any really good forums for robot-centric stuff.

There's always www.going.com, and then the www.deephousepage.com is a little more chicago house-centric

Chicago is going to be really messed up that weekend because Lollapalooza is going on.


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Vinyl: KStarke, Gramaphone for general dance. Reckless records (indie, rock, dance). Mr. Peabody's (rare disco, funk, house, and some italo)
Check these articles for further info. (note: Hot Jams is now defunct)
http://dkpresents.wordpress.com/2007/11 … rd-stores/

As far as a Chicago-centric forum there is a "Chicago Parties" section in deephousepage.com
Worth a post in there, I think.

A lot of well-seasoned DJs on http://nuyoshi.proboards40.com/index.cgi as well.

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what about small electro, minimal/cold, disco or even 80's nights that are worth checking out?

there any small, smoky dives with some neat dj's?

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I saw somewhere that Sean Smith is doing a deep disco night every Sunday at Betty's Blue Star Lounge.

Betty's is pretty dark and divey, they might even still allow smoking in there....

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Re: Chicago

Re: Sean Smith: He is.  Re: Smoking, nope.

80s night best bet is Fridays at the Holiday club: http://www.planetearthchicago.com/mainframe.html

Dave Roberts used to play 80s Thursdays at Neo but they split ways. He now does them at Holiday Club.

Neo is the dark, dingy, alternative goth-like club in the city. That, and Exit, which is all about the Punk and Rock. http://www.exitchicago.com/

Some night when I'm there Neo plays what sounds like Goth-Trance to me and it makes me cringe. Haven't been there much lately.

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wax addict records


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thanks - had fun - went to K. Starke records and found some good stuff - here's some pics:

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Wax addict has been closed for a year and a half at least. 

Kstarke is my pic, but I'm biased for working there. Still, you're always gonna find something and it's become a pretty essential stop for people coming through the city.  He's most likely to give you a good deal if you're spending a little money. and there's plenty to dig through (plus loads of well used cheaper bins) The firs t place to go for Chicago House, Disco  and Italo.

Otherwise, there's Dusty Groove for soul, disco, hip-hop, jazz, and "world" music.  There's always plenty there, but it won't be cheap unless you're lucky (and yes, things are often overlooked there) There are three Reckless Records in town, but I find most scores at the one on Broadway.  Dave's will occasionally get house and Italo stuff that they put out for cheap (I just scored Cellophane's Music Colours for $5 last week).  Others include: Hyde Park Records, Mr. Peabody, Hard Boiled, Old School Records, and a few others  .  Everyplace in the city, except a couple secret digging spots , use ebay and gemm to price things.

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Was at dave's and gramaphone recently, nice places but no real gems, apparantly someone got lucky before me (man, I would have loved to pick up that cellophane smile  ) Came by the Reckless at wicker park and picked a few used disco 12s for 50 cent. I'm staying in Argonne one our drive south west of the city, so it's difficult to go out at late, so no clubbing this time hmm - But i really hope to visit Kstarke and Mr Peabody before i leave smile

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Seeing how old this thread is already i guess it could really use an update smile

I'll be in chicago for the coming weekend and would be gratefull for every piece of advice on robotic activity.

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is the deephousepage forum moved or down?