Topic: Robots For Robots

Welcome Robots & Robettes.

As we all know the radiostream is down since 20.00h 07-07-08 which is a great loss for all of us music addicts.
Tuning in on any time at any day meant good music from the (late) 70's disco era to electronic decompression from 2008 space electro sounds and all good stuff in between.
Together with the stream the forum went under what meant that apart from our favourite radio station also our homebase was gone.. So... Together with some others on the  IRC chat we figured it would be nice to have a place to hang out untill a new cbs forum is up or the old one comes back or whatever will happen. Then was up in short time. And it seems robots cant do without a place to hang... 200registerd user in +/- 12hours.... So thats very nice.
BUT be ware this is only a temporary forum untill more is known about the future plans of and its forum.
We'll see what happens next.