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Topic: Duke Nukem Forever

Just wondered if anyone here is excited about Duke Nukem Forever?
After 3D Realms shut down the studios, the game was bought by another company (Gearbox Software) and is now finally expected to be released on 3rd May 2011...

Personally, I somehow lost interest in gaming over the years, I never play new games (occasionally I try them at friends' places), and I rarely even play old games these days, sometimes just for the quick fun of it. So I'm not someone who's gonna buy Duke Nukem Forever anyway, but since I have fond memories of the predecessor and also of the even older Jump'n"Runs, I have to say I have a certain amount of interest of how the game will turn out.

My guess is that it will be a mediocre shooter overall, but with some cool or funny ideas. All the innovations that they tried to put into the game since they announced it might not be innovations anymore these days, since every other shooter has it already, so it can only stand out because of crazy ideas. I don't think the game will live up the hype, but I also don't think it will be complete crap. I just fear it might be a bit too much influenced by most modern games, along with all their annoyances.

What are your expectations?

Re: Duke Nukem Forever

I'm not a gamer, but I did play Duke Nukem 3D in Dosbox last year. Just because it's a fantastic game.

I hope they have the same sarcasm, humor and difficulty levels. Because I'm not a gamer, it's not cool to be dead in 10 seconds all the time.

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Re: Duke Nukem Forever

I think it will be quite good (contrary to another old skool FPS they revived; Soldier of Fortune). Gearbox made another first person shooter, though in an entirely other shooter genre, called Borderlands, which was really excellent. I think they really put a serious effort into it to make a great current gen game that respects the reasons why the older Duke Nukems were great.

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my brothers really liked Borderlands, myself, i didn't played it.

looking forward to the Duke Nukem Forever!

Re: Duke Nukem Forever

i dunno, i loved the original, but i'm a bit sceptic.  the duke nukem character is pure asskicking genius and if they do it right, this game could set a new standard in FUN.