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I'm in Istanbul from next thursday till sunday. Anything good happening there? Any shops etc I can't afford to miss?



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try for accomodation, really great appartments,
eat at a typical lokantasi quite stressfull, but worth the experience i found, sahin lokantasi in asmali mescit sokak was really good and cheap at the same time
go out in tunel, there is something on everyday, try maybe in, but i was there only once
take a walk around chihangir and have lunch at the "journey"
i bought some nice prog rock records in a record store close to the german hospital in Siraselviler Cad
and if you go out on the asian side, try for bars around Kadife Sok in Kadikoy, i liked the asian side better, but it is even harder to find places
and drink lots and lots of fresh pressed pomegrenate juice

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Pretty much what robotiger said. I lived out there for a few months last summer and have got a couple of good friends who live there. Could put you in touch if you fancy having a drink... I remember there's a record shop at the bottom of tunel, near Galata tower, might be worth trying.

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yooo, any tips for nice bars and undergrond music places, best near galata tower?? Here for a week. smile