Topic: Waldorf Q+ encoder problem

I haven't been here for quiet  a while. I'm dusting out my studio and got myself some new toys

One of them is a Q+ (ruby edition)
The seller stated, that there are some issues with the encoders, because it wasn’t used for a while. He referred to a statement on the Waldorf page, that says this is a known issue and  can be solved easily by turning the encoders fast 20 times to the left and then 20 times to the right.

When I bought the synth I was testing this. At first all the encoders were jumping randomly when turned. After a while I noticed a big improvement. So I was sure, I could get my 'new Q+' back to fully working by just spending some time.

Back home I realized, that the encoders get better to e certain point. But then, even turning the knobs 120 times to each side does not get them to work properly.
I took off the caps and saw, that someone already put some kind of oil on all of the knobs. I read in forums, that this was a bad idea.

Does anybody of you have an idea what else I could try besides replacing the encoders. I would like to prevent this, because there are 59 of them. All of them show this behavour.

Re: Waldorf Q+ encoder problem

Seems like ist gotten a bit more quiet in here, or is the Q too uncool?   wink
Since I did not get any other sugestions than the ones Waldorf provided, I just kept on turning every knob each time I switched it on.
Most of the knobs react now much better. Though it took much more effort than expected. The number of encoders, that still do not work properly will decreased to about 8 to ten.  But those do not seem to improve anymore and will need need replacement.