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Re: Rajan James - Impossible Dreams...help!!

@ queen wink genau

roll on

und bender mansmhal gibt es keiner erkl

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this song gets away with saxophone

dreams dreams dreams dreams... impossible dreams

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It seems that we finally got some info on the mysterious Rajan James after all these years. Many of you may have noticed a new video for Impossible Dreams on YouTube recently, a professional video, rather than the CBS rips on the others. She's also got a "reverbnation" account as well that unveils some of the mystery:

"I am Jamaican born and I moved to England at an early age, but never forgot my island roots.
I went to Daniel Defoe Secondary School, Clisold Park, North London. But as a child my most important secondary education was Sunday school. I later found my true faith when living in the USA. I am a Christian, God has blessed me with a voice and I hope my songs will be an inspiration to the ear. My songs are a mix of influences, including Gospel, jazz, R&B and reggae. The Gospel scene, I believe, is the root of all modern music. For me Gospel music represents the innermost expression of my close relationship with nature and all its glory, and I hope it will be appreciated by Christians and non-Christians alike.
My career started in the early 1980s when I was living in the USA. I attended Los Angeles Janmar Acting School and won a few pageant contests at that time. Meanwhile I worked as an extra for Judy Casting to make ends meet. I was a flag girl for the UK in the movie ‘America Thorn’ (Larrimore Production). I was also in play entitled ‘Queen to Queen Royal II’ at the Chasbon Theatre in Los Angeles as Candice the Warrior Queen.
I returned to the UK just as I found an agent and this is where my music started to take root. I learnt to play the saxophone and I put a band together called Beginning To End. I released a 12in 45 single entitled ‘Time’ which was well received internationally, particularly in dance clubs in Germany. Another track entitled ‘Impossible Dreams’ was released on a compilation album for Venture Promotion called ‘One Giant Leap’. I also toured in Germany with a band called Majika and in West Africa with a band Chameleon.
I then decided to re-visit Jamaica to rediscover my musical roots to provide me with more choice of music to share with the world. Whilst there I appeared in the 13th Annual Jazz Festival at Ochio Rios organised by the late jazz trumpeter, Sonny Bradshaw, with the Jamaican band, Gospel Strom. I appeared on television station JACS and the Kiss FM Ochio Rios and Roots FM radio station with the late ‘Tboots’ Harris.
I appeared in the Tasty Talent contest in Jamaica as a guest artist from the UK, managed by the late Louise Bennett, who did a wonderful job for me. I also worked Ivor Wiser who helped me create a reggae album.
From there I entered the Hollywood World Championship of Arts and won two silver medals that got me to Hollywood where I won a silver and a bronze medal. Whilst there I was introduced to a range of producers and other people in the music industry. I started to work with Kenny Beck and met the journalist Chauncy Bailey, who was very sadly murdered in 2011. Chauncey was helping to promote the album ‘Eagle’s Wings’ which was well received and reviewed and I appeared on San Francisco radio and television.
Due to personal circumstanced I took a break from my career and am now considering how to pick it up again and move forward. I have a large catalogue of material which the public hasn’t heard and which I would like to get out there in 2015. I have just returned from a 3 month trip to Jamaica and the USA where I made a video for the track Impossible Dreams and made contact with a variety of producers, DJs and promoters

Based on that last part it looks like we may see a re-issue somewhere in the near future of the older material.

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ha! thanks for sharing...