Topic: Home DJ setup monitors

I'm looking to get  a new pair of monitors for my home DJ setup.
I've used Behringer Truths for some time but they just don't last very long.
Killed a second one now a while ago.

Wanna go for something else now. A bit smaller as I can't play loud at home anymore.
Was thinking about Genelec 8020 but they're pricey.

Anyone suggestions?


Re: Home DJ setup monitors

I have the fostex pm0.5mkII since 10 years and they haven't died on me yet. Even threw a big party with them and they survived an overusage on the bass frequencies. … air-Black/

Re: Home DJ setup monitors

ADAM F5 ? Was at someone's house over the festive period and we were mixing up on them. I was impressed, compact, punchy, and less boyracer that KRK's...get a pair for £300 … escription

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