Topic: Success Stories: Nick Damon and Swype Right Radio Event!

Tune in on or fm 91.8 stereo 99.85 kabel

Nick Damon Presents: Future Music From The Past
A long time ago futuristic sound waves of different shapes and sounds
was stored inside a virtual time capsule. And now their secret is out..
This is the untold true story of dance, grooves and all styles of electronic music , using only the best super rare diamonds and super rare hidden files, between the years 1975-1985.
Two hours of solid grooves and timeless tunes, way ahead of its time,
traveling between solid jams to the deepest and most advanced sounds of electronic music.
All broadcasts will be transmitted for you through the Radio X transmitters.
So join your special agent Nick Damon for the best kept secrets on Future Music from the Past.

Swype Right will dive into their own occult past and - even more important - future. For the first time they will skip the drumcomputers and synthesizers for a plain dj set. Listen to what made and will make and made them (+what they did and others did to it).