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Topic: Cappadocia (Turkey)

Got home this Saturday after one week in Turkey and Cappadocia,
have to say it exceeded my expectations by far. crazy sci-fi landscape.


pic01 Ortahisar castle in our village
38°37'11.82"  34°51'51.20"

We started from Antalya, over the Taurus Mountains pic02 (giraffe),
to Konya and finally Cappadocia. pic03 the road between Konya and Aksaray.
pic04 Saratlı Kırkgöz Yeraltı Şehri - Underground "city" (and our terrific Norwegian speaking guide Ali cool).


his backyard:


pic 24 (the one in the middle with Turkish flags roll) to 27 is another caste called Uçhisar.

last picture - a cave-home on top of a mountain in the village Cavusin.
some of these cave apartments where for sale (although you have to decorate yourself smile).

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i'd probably live in a cave...if it had wi-fi big_smile . Looks super cool, thanks for sharing

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Should make a visit before it's too late..

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Amazing stuff. In virtue of good future's ignoring the last three words of attacca' s post.